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Kirkland Signature 12866

Est. $85
February 2014
by ConsumerSearch

Cheap car battery

  • Outstanding performance in all tests
  • Excellent warranty
  • Not all sizes perform as well
  • Sold only at Costco (paid membership required)
  • Costco doesn't install batteries

Bottom line

If you have a Costco membership, you can save a bundle on a great battery. Costco's Kirkland Signature 12866 performs just as well as the top car batteries in tests and costs half as much. However, you will need to install it yourself.


Cheap, but mighty. Despite its low price, the Kirkland Signature 12866 makes no sacrifices when it comes to performance. It soars to the top tier in a leading battery test, just a few percentage points below the winning DieHard Advanced Gold 50778 (Est. $165) . Cold-weather cranking, hot-weather endurance, reserve capacity -- that is, how long it'll run your lights when you leave them on by mistake -- are all outstanding in this Group 65-size model. Other sizes of the same battery (Groups 78, 75, 35 and 34) lag behind a bit, but they're still average or better in all tests.

Dependability and warranty

Super reliable, with a no-questions-asked warranty. Costco offers the same hefty warranty you'll find on the pricier DieHard Advanced Gold: three years full replacement, plus 100 months prorated so you get a credit toward the purchase of a new one. Some owners say their Kirkland batteries did indeed die within the warranty period, and Costco replaced them with absolutely no questions asked. Plenty of others say they have put in six, eight or even 10 years of hard use and their Kirkland car batteries are still going strong. The Kirkland battery is maintenance-free, but has caps so you can still top off with water if necessary.


You'll have to install it yourself. Reviews say Kirkland car batteries are the best deal around, with two caveats. First: Usually when you buy a car battery, the store or garage will install it for free or cheap, but Costco doesn't install batteries at all. Be sure you're comfortable installing it yourself or know someone who can do it for you. Second: You need a paid membership (Est. $55) to shop at Costco. If you're not already a member, factor in that cost to the price of your battery. After you install your new battery, return the old one to Costco, where customers say they got a $9 core charge return from the store.

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