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Car Seat Strollers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 13 Sources
1. Baby Bargains
Ninth edition, 2012
Strollers, Diaper Bags, Carriers and Other to Go Gear
by Denise and Alan Fields
Our AssessmentThis excellent book includes buyer's guides and ratings for all types of baby gear, including car seat stroller frames and travel systems. The authors conduct hands-on testing, and interview parents, manufacturers and retailers. Parents posting to Amazon.com say this is the best baby gear book available, with plenty of current info and lots of attitude, including sections that steer consumers away from unnecessary features. Although the authors focus on reviewing stroller brands, they do single out a few car seat strollers as top picks in their class. The site includes a forum where parents can discuss strollers, several stroller reviews that didn't fit into the book and updates on important safety recalls.
2. iVillage.com
Sept. 17, 2012
We Love, You Need: The Best Baby Strollers of 2012. Which One Should You Buy?
by Kate Bayless
Our AssessmentBayless picks 19 of the top strollers of 2012 in a variety of categories. She tests them herself, and has a parent critic weigh in, as well. The result is an in-depth, real-world overview, including pros and cons, from an expert and a mom with kids. The strollers are then given a rating of up to 5 stars. The Graco FastAction Fold is the only travel system evaluated.
3. BabyCenter.com
BabyCenter Product Awards: The Best Strollers for Infants
by Editors of BabyCenter.com
Our AssessmentBabyCenter.com debuts what's said to be the first in an annual roundup of best baby products. Readers and the site's "baby gear guru," Jamie Grayson, make selections in two categories, Editors' Picks and Moms' Picks. No car seat strollers are chosen, but the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go is one of five runners-up in the category of best strollers for infants.
4. SheKnows.com
November 2012
SheKnows Parenting Awards 2012
by Editors and readers of SheKnows.com
Our AssessmentCompanies and readers nominate products in 75 categories. Editors narrow them down to four finalists each, reviewing all submissions for functionality, quality, safety and convenience. Top picks are voted on by readers, with one editor's pick per category. The Safety 1st Aerolite is voted best travel system in the specialty stroller category.
5. BabyGizmo.com
Not dated
Travel Systems
by Editors of BabyGizmo.com
Our AssessmentBabyGizmo.com is an excellent source of individual reviews and editors choose their top strollers in various categories, linking them to thorough reports. They select only two travel systems, but editors tend to evaluate high-end strollers with components that are sold separately, so there aren't a lot of individual travel system reviews.
6. Cheapism.com
Sept. 20, 2012
Cheap Travel Systems
by Raechel Conover
Our AssessmentThis review site, called "a Consumer Reports for the cheap" by The New York Times, provides detailed reviews of travel system strollers. Conover's comparative write-ups include pros and cons, and she explains why these strollers match up to higher-end models. Her comments aren't based on actual testing, however, but rather research into product features and safety requirements, reviews from other sources, and an elimination of luxury features that raise the price of similar products. Conover evaluates three travel systems, focusing on safety, features and ease of use, as well as the practical considerations of owning one.
7. ConsumerReports.org
Not dated
Traditional Stroller Ratings
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentEditors of ConsumerReports.org test car seats and strollers, including three travel systems and two single car seat carriers. Some of the strollers rated in the regular single and double stroller categories are also car seat compatible, and are frequently sold as part of a travel system. The ratings are reliable and unbiased, but editors give no written explanations. A number of strollers are discontinued, indicating that this is an older report.
8. Amazon.com
As of December 2012
Travel System Strollers
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com lists dozens of travel system and car seat strollers, but the site is most useful once you have a model in mind. User feedback tends to be detailed and well thought out, listing both pros and cons of various products. Some strollers have hundreds of reviews, while some have just a handful. Owner comments should be considered carefully, especially when it comes to complaints; strollers are often downgraded because of unrelated factors like shipping issues. Amazon.com is a particularly good resource for determining how a stroller holds up long term.
9. Target.com
As of December 2012
Travel System Strollers
by Contributors to Target.com
Our AssessmentTarget.com is a popular place to purchase baby products, with Target credit card holders getting a 5 percent discount and free shipping. The site carries hundreds of brands and types of strollers, but most attract fewer reviews than at Amazon.com and are often spread out over several fabric types or models, rather than gathered under one stroller. Write-ups tend to be thorough, and include pros, cons and the owner's longer-term experience with the stroller.
10. Babies 'R' Us
As of December 2012
Travel System Strollers
by Contributors to BabiesRUs.com
Our AssessmentBabiesRUs.com is a subsidiary of ToysRUs.com specializing in baby products. A number of manufacturers make stroller models that feature special fabrics and are available only through Babies"R"Us. The site sells hundreds of strollers that get a decent number of reviews and tend to be newer than at some consumer review sites, making it a great destination for recent feedback on strollers that may be updates of older models. Like most baby product sites, reviewers are generally honest and thorough.
11. Parenting.com
Not dated
Our Favorite New Single, Double and Travel Strollers
by Melanie Monroe Rosen
Our AssessmentThis roundup of 23 "cool new strollers" is an overview of models with "cool features." There's no mention of testing and the list isn't comparative. The reviews are also extremely brief. The Safety 1st Aerolite travel system is included, due to the higher weight limit of its included infant car seat.
12. Travels With Baby
Not dated
Best Car Seat Stroller Frames for Travel
by Shelly Rivoli
Our AssessmentRivoli writes guidebooks and blogs about all things related to traveling with an infant, recommending products and giving tips on planning and tools to make travel easier. Her reviews of the best car seat stroller frames include folded size, weights and why it's a good choice for travel, but one of her picks is discontinued.
13. About.com
Not dated
Top Stroller Frames
by Heather Corley
Our AssessmentCorley, About.com's guide to baby products, lists her top four stroller frames. Two are discontinued, indicating that this is an older write-up. The reviews are brief and not comparative, really more of an overview of each stroller frame's features. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
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