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Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

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April 2012
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Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

Long-lasting liquid sealant

  • Lasts longer than car wax
  • Easy wipe-on, wipe-off application
  • Leaves paint shiny and smooth
  • Stains plastic and rubber
  • Doesn't give paint a wet or glossy finish
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Though some car enthusiasts enjoy rubbing down their cars every few months, many consumers want car paint protection that lasts a longer time. Auto experts and consumers alike say overall that Nu Finish Car Polish is one of the longest-lasting paint protectors available.

Available in both paste and liquid form, this report focuses on the slightly higher-rated Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish. According to one organization, the Nu Finish Paste cleans better, is more compatible with plastic and lasts longer than Nu Finish Liquid, but the liquid is easier to wipe off. Consumers on rate the liquid higher than the paste, at around 4.5 stars (out of 5 stars) overall versus 3.5; user comments say Nu Finish Paste is harder to remove and doesn't leave the paint as shiny as Nu Finish Liquid.

In one comparison test, Nu Finish was the most durable liquid wax evaluated. User results are mixed, though. "When I reapplied it after 30 days as instructed, it lasted close to a year," says one user at Another writes, "I have never been able to get it to last a year, but it definitely lasts for 3 to 6 months MINIMUM," summing up the majority of consumer comments from and In comparison, most car waxes don't last longer than three months.

Consumer reviews say that with Nu Finish, you trade visual enhancement for longevity. "It may not produce the best shine I have ever seen but it provides protection and beads up on a car's finish for a long, long time after application," says one user; while another remarks, "Doesn't penetrate as deeply as paste wax." Another reports, "To me, the shine is just as good as a carnauba wax and should hold up much longer. Even if it lasts only half a year, that's much longer than what carnauba can do."

Though most say that it is very easy to wipe on and off, some users warn that it can leave a white powder behind after buffing (on one owner says that you "need an old toothbrush to brush away dried white paste out of cracks"). "You should be extra careful around plastic when using this product." writes an user; many consumers remark that Nu Finish permanently stains trim and rubber. 

According to Darren Priest, a professional car detailer, Nu Finish is actually a sealant, not a polish. Nu Finish doesn't contain any polish abrasives that can restore color or remove oxidation, and many users note that it doesn't remove water spots or scratches, either.

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Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

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More than 40 consumers review Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish on Most are pleased overall with the results (it has an average rating of around 4.5 stars), saying that it is easy to apply, wipes off with little rubbing and provides long-lasting protection for a car's finish.

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Darren Priest, author of and professional auto detailer, discusses the pros and cons of Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish. "Nu Finish is a good product; just not my first choice, or what I consider professional grade results," says Priest.

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Testers at Consumer put many different varieties of car waxes to the test, documenting the results as they pertain to shine, performance and longevity. Full results on their findings are available to subscribers.

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Consumers at online auto parts supplier rate Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish, giving it a very high average overall score. Users say they like Nu Finish's easy-to-use formula and report that it lasts up to four months (two months when used during rainy weather).

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A handful of reviewers give Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish a 5-star score, citing its ease of application and removal and long-lasting protection.

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Consumers at aren't as pleased with the paste version of Nu Finish as they are with the liquid; it has an average score of 3.5 stars, with many reviews rating it at 3 stars or under.

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