Cat Food : Ratings of Sources

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Cat Food: Ratings of Sources

1. Cat Foods, Susan Thixton, As of July 2016
Susan Thixton reviews and rates cat foods based on their first five ingredients. If Thixton deems all five to be quality ingredients, the food gets 5 paws; four quality ingredients, 4 paws, and so on. (Canned food can earn a maximum of 4 paws because the extra water or broth -- although beneficial -- doesn't count as a quality ingredient here.) Thixton reports on each company's manufacturing facilities, supply chains, controversial ingredients, etc. This is an excellent site for checking out specific brands, both big and small.
2. Truth about Pet Food, Susan Thixton , As of July 2016
Thixton also maintains this blog, where she digs deep into the world of pet food and nutrition, researching ingredients, reporting on news and recalls, and more. Selected reviews from are reprinted on occasion. Thixton also offers a subscription-based list of foods that she would personally feed a pet; it includes 12 cat food brands.
3. Recalls & Withdrawals, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, As of July 2016
The FDA posts pet food recalls on its website, organized by date. This is the place to find out whether a cat food you're using -- or are considering using -- has been recalled.
4. Top Canned Cat Food, Franny Syufy, May 26, 2016
This is an excellent site for all-around cat information. cat guide Franny Syufy names her choices for the best canned cat foods in this list, all of which she says "could form a sound basis for your cat's diet." They are ordered in the preference of her own cats. Natural Balance leads the list, with Syufy complimenting the company on its testing program. Although each cat food gets only a short write-up, the site does address almost every imaginable question about cat food, and the background information articles are helpful.
5. Premium Dry Cat Foods for Adult Cats , Franny Syufy , Feb. 16, 2016
Here, Syufy lists the best dry cat foods. She says she would feed any of them to her cats and personally rotates through several of the named foods. She recommend to alternate these foods with "premium canned food for a well-balanced diet for your cat."
6. Commercial Foods , Lisa A. Pierson, DVM, November 2014
Although Lisa Pierson, a veterinarian, is a proponent of feeding cats a raw-meat diet, her site includes a list of what are called high-quality commercial cat foods. The list is based on nutritional information provided by the manufacturer rather than on testing, but the accompanying discussion explains the rationale for inclusion in extensive detail.
7. Cat Food Listings & Reviews, Editors of, As of July 2016
This website analyzes cat foods based on their ingredients and provides ratings for quality and price. Each food is discussed, and the editors comment on strong points and weak ones. Cat foods are listed alphabetically rather than by score, but there are also lists that name the best cat foods and best grain-free cat foods. However, the site rates only dry food varieties, not canned.
8. Cat Food Reviews 2015, Editors of, As of July 2016
Here, you'll find reviews (with star ratings) for many popular cat food brands on the market. A wide variety of cat food brands are rated, with five selected to be included in a list of the "best" cat foods, though some that rate just as well -- and in some cases higher -- don't make the cut and the reasons are not explained.
9. Natural Cat Care Blog Today's best cat foods–reviews of canned and raw options, Liz Eastwood, March 2016
Originally written in 2010, but updated several times since, this list contains both top choices and solid second place choices. Liz Eastwood explains her criteria and priorities for including foods in the list. Each food is annotated with information on its pluses, cost, and any special concerns or tips to be aware of.
10. Comparison Center: Compare Your Pet's Food, Editors of, Not Dated
This helpful tool at compares cat foods' ingredients -- both premium and supermarket brands. It's easy to search and compare up to three foods at a time, and a handy chart lets you know which ingredients each food has and why it's good or bad. The advice here matches up well with other reliable sources, but only a limited number of foods is included.
11. Cat Food, Contributors to, As of July 2016
Credibility: sells everything from supermarket cat food to high-quality brands and varieties that are hard to find anywhere else. Cat foods of all types often get hundreds of reviews, while a handful draw thousands. Some reviews are short and not very helpful, but others go into long detail about what makes a cat food good or bad.
12. Cat Food & Treats, Contributors to, As of July 2016
Credibility: is another destination where you can find feedback for a wide variety of cat foods. Many foods have fewer reviews than at, though it's not unusual to see dozens or even hundreds of owner-written opinions for a given variety.
13. Cat Food , Contributors to, As of July 2016
Cat food sold at skew toward the higher-end varieties. Several of the natural foods sold here have amassed more than 100 reviews. Most get fairly high ratings.
14. Cat Food, Contributors to, As of July 2016
This is the website of Petco, a large chain of pet supply stores. You can browse foods by type or brand, but navigation is a little bit of a nuisance as each food's rating is shown on the main page -- but you'll need to click through to the product page to see how many reviews each food has accumulated. Many cat foods get no more than a handful of reviews, though others get more considerable feedback.