Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula Review

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula Review
Bottom Line

Taste of the Wild is one of the least expensive grain-free foods you can buy. It's free of iffy byproducts and potentially allergenic soy, too. That's all great for cats, experts say, and it makes Taste of the Wild the best value in dry cat food.

ProsNo grains, soy or inferior byproducts, Contains probiotics, Inexpensive for a grain-free foodConsInvolved in 2012 recall, Contains less meat than premium foods

Breaking it down

Ingredient quality

Nothing fancy, but it's grain-free. Taste of the Wild doesn't boast the fresh-sounding, appetizing ingredient list you'll find on pricey cat foods like Orijen Cat and Kitten Formula (Est. $80 for a 15-lb. bag) -- but it's much better than the corn-soy-byproduct cocktails you'll find in the supermarket pet aisle, reviewers say. In the Rocky Mountain Feline flavor, "chicken meal" (ground-up chicken meat and bones) comes first, followed by peas and sweet potatoes. In the other flavor, Taste of the Wild Canyon River Trout (Est. $30 for a 15-lb. bag), trout comes first, followed by the nonspecific "ocean fish meal." The only caveat is that some vets say cats should only eat wet food to be sure they get sufficient moisture. But other experts say dry food is OK, and plenty of owners say their cats eat Taste of the Wild and are very healthy.

Product safety

Recalled in 2012 for risk of salmonella. Taste of the Wild dry cat food was involved in a 2012 recall by its maker, Diamond Pet Foods. Several Diamond-made brands of dry dog and cat food were recalled after some of them tested positive for salmonella. Taste of the Wild has not been recalled since, a search of the FDA's website shows. Taste of the Wild says it uses only U.S. ingredients, one top source reports. This is a point in its favor, because ingredients from China have been linked to contamination.


Costs more than supermarket dry food -- but owners say it's worth it. Pound for pound, Taste of the Wild costs twice as much as major-brand supermarket dry cat food. But instead of less desirable ingredients typically found in those, such as corn, wheat gluten, meat by-products, and others, Taste of the Wild's ingredient list actually starts with meat (and it contains no grain whatsoever). That makes Taste of the Wild the better value, experts say. Owners give it overwhelmingly glowing reviews, saying they'll gladly pay more for healthier, happier cats.

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