Scoop Away Multi-Cat Formula

Est. $17 for 25 lbs.
February 2014
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Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula

Clumping clay litter

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Clumps on contact with urine
  • Cats like its fine-grained texture
  • Can be tracked around the house
  • Not appropriate for kittens younger than 3 months
  • Some owners don't like its scented fragrance

Bottom line

Clumping, fine-grained cat litters like Scoop Away Multi-Cat Formula are hands-down the most popular type of litter in the U.S. While many clumping clay litters are similar, reviewers give Scoop Away a slight edge over its closest competitors. Many say cats like its texture, and it clumps and masks odors well. It's also relatively inexpensive. It's not biodegradable, however, and its fine grains aren't safe for kittens under 3 months old.


Cats generally like the texture. While Scoop Away Multi-Cat Formula cat litter is far from the undisputed top pick, it stands out in reviews among its clumping clay brethren. Christie Keith, who compares several brands of litter for the San Francisco Chronicle, recommends Scoop Away out of all of what she considers the "supermarket brands." Keith says dust is minimal, as well as a cat's tendency to track it through the house. But, as with all fine-grained litters, you should expect some tracking. It neutralizes odors well, too. Experts and owners say getting a cat to use Scoop Away isn't an issue, because most find cats like the fine granular texture. Scoop Away is not safe for kittens younger than 3 months old, however, as they can ingest the small particles.

Environmental factors

Clumping clay controversy. Scoop Away Multi-Cat Formula isn't biodegradable. As is the case with all clay-based litters, it should never be flushed down the toilet or recycled and used as compost. Some pet owners are suspicious of the chemical additives -- such as sodium bentonite -- that cause clay litters to clump. Many feline health experts, though, say these concerns are unfounded, as there has yet to be an authentic statistical study proving otherwise. Many owners say the litter smells like strong perfume, which can be unpleasant to some.


Inexpensive clumping clay litter. Scoop Away Multi-Cat litter is relatively inexpensive; one 25-pound box of the Multi-Cat formulation -- which, according to reviews, is the recommended variety because it does the best job of controlling odors -- runs about $17. Kelly Alexander tests four types of cat litter in a 2002 article for; she uses Scoop Away as her clumping clay brand, and concludes that it offers the "overall best combination of price and convenience." If you're looking for a clumping cat litter that's also organic, there's the well-reviewed World's Best Cat Litter (Est. $30 for 28 lbs.) , though it's much more expensive.

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Our Sources: Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula Cat Litter Review

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Christie Keith discusses various types of cat litter and makes some suggestions in an article for the San Francisco Chronicle. She recommends Scoop Away as the best of all the "supermarket brands," saying it creates very little dust and doesn't track much.

Review: Your Whole Pet: Digging Deep into the Cat Litter Question, Christie Keith, July 10, 2007


In this older but still relevant article, Kelly Alexander tests a new type of litter each week, using Scoop Away as the clumping clay brand. She names it her top choice, praising it for both price and convenience. This test, though, doesn't compare Scoop Away to other clumping clays.

Review: Hello, Kitty: the Scoop on Newfangled Cat Litter, Kelly Alexander, Aug. 9, 2002


Not many cat owners have reviewed Scoop Away Multi-Cat at, but there's still some helpful feedback. It earns 3.9 stars out of 5 from about 30 owners, and most have good things to say. But there are a handful of negative reviews, too, most of which lament the smell.

Review: Scoop Away Multi-Cat, 25-Pound Box, Contributors to, As of February 2014


There's a little more feedback regarding Scoop Away Multi-Cat at, though comments are briefer. It earns a rating of 4.3 stars following more than 40 reviews, with 75 percent of posters giving it a recommendation. Unhappy cat owners seem to complain most about its scent and higher-than-expected dust.

Review: Scoop Away Multi-Cat Formula Clumping Cat Litter, Contributors to, As of February 2014

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