World's Best Cat Litter Review

Est. $30 for 28 lbs.
February 2014
by ConsumerSearch
World's Best Cat Litter

Biodegradable clumping cat litter

  • Biodegradable (flushable, recyclable)
  • Appropriate for kittens
  • Clumping
  • Premium price
  • Can be dusty
  • Some cats dislike the texture
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Bottom line

World's Best Cat Litter receives more recommendations from professionals and owners than any other cat litter we've spotted. This biodegradable cat litter clumps with urine and does a great job of controlling odors. The larger-than-usual pellets (made of ground corn) are safe for kittens to use, though some cats may dislike their texture. On the downside, reviews say that this cat litter can be dusty, and it's relatively expensive.


A great organic clumping litter ... if your cat uses it. World's Best Cat Litter is a biodegradable cat litter that clumps on contact with urine, a big selling point with some reviewers since it makes the little box easier to clean. Caroline Golon, who writes at pet blog, says it clumps "extremely well." She also calls it a "power player" when it comes to controlling odors. However, its pellets are larger in size than those found in most other cat litters; many experts and owners warn that some cats simply won't take to its texture and may refuse to use the litter box. There have also been some reports that this litter can be a bit dusty at times.

Environmental factors

Corn-based biodegradability. World's Best Cat Litter is a flushable cat litter, and since it's made from pellets of ground corn it can be recycled for mulch. Lisa A. Pierson, who reviews the litter at, notes corn-based litters can have a "hypoallergenic nature," and doesn't recommend it for cats with asthma because it can be a bit dusty. Blogger Daniela Caride gives World's Best Cat Litter a rating of Excellent, but also notes there is always a possibility of Aflatoxin contamination in corn- and wheat-based litters. Based on Caride's correspondence with the manufacturer, this shouldn't be an issue if wastes are removed routinely.


Very, very expensive. Judging from reviews, the biggest downside to World's Best Cat Litter is the price. One 28-pound bag is $30 -- about twice as expensive as your typical brand of cat litter. Many owners posting at admit that it's pricey, but say you get what you pay for. If you're looking for an all-natural litter that's appropriate for kittens -- and you don't mind dealing with a messier litter box -- the non-clumping Feline Pine (Est. $12 for 20 lbs.) by Nature's Earth is a better value.

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Our Sources: World's Best Cat Litter Review

1. The Lighthouse Online

Marina Michaels, who distrusts clumping clay cat litters, says World's Best Cat Litter is a safe, non-clumping alternative. Analysis here is in-depth, and Michaels uses her own cats as guinea pigs for hands-on testing.

Review: Alternatives to Clumping Clay Kitty Litters, Marina Michaels, Not Dated


Lisa A. Pierson is particularly critical of World's Best Cat Litter in this in-depth article, thanks in part to its pellets of ground corn, which she says can have a "hypoallergenic nature." She adds that this litter is also dusty, but she doesn't "have a huge problem" with it.

Review: The Litter Box from Your Cat's Point of View, Lisa A. Pierson, DVM, February 2013


Blogger Daniela Caride rounds up a handful of cat litter brands on the market, giving each a brief write-up and rating. World's Best Cat Litter earns a top grade of Excellent. Caride says it clumps "surprisingly well," and is easier to scoop than pine-based litters.

Review: The Best Cat Litter, Daniela Caride, April 28, 2013

4. The New York Times

Stephen Treffinger reviews a handful of cat litters for The New York Times based on the experiences of various cat owners. Here Treffinger says World's Best Cat Litter did a "decent job" of controlling odors and produced the "most discrete clumps" of any litter.

Review: Road Test: It's Nothing to Sniff At, Stephen Treffinger, Oct. 21, 2009

5. San Francisco Chronicle

Christie Keith recommends World's Best Cat Litter in a thorough article for the San Francisco Chronicle, with one caveat. "The main drawback," she writes, "is that, while made of corn and entirely natural, it must also contain diamond dust or something, because it's extremely expensive."

Review: Your Whole Pet: Digging Deep into the Cat Litter Question, Christie Keith, July 10, 2007


Franny Syufy,'s cat expert, comments on a decent number of cat litter brands. She lauds World's Best Cat Litter. "I have used no other litter for years, and my cats love it," she writes. There's also a link to a separate review by Syufy of World's Best Cat Litter.

Review: Cat Litter Choices, Franny Syufy, Not Dated


World's Best Cat Litter generates more than 70 reviews from owners posting at, earning an overall score of 4.1 stars out of 5. Feedback is generally positive, though some complaints about the premium price and rougher texture can be found.

Review: World's Best Cat Litter Clumping Litter Formula 28-Pound, Contributors to, As of February 2014


Owners posting at rave over World's Best Cat Litter, judging from more than 775 user reviews. Most users give it 5 stars out of 5, and negative comments are rare. Feedback, however, is cursory, especially compared to reviews at

Review: World's Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula, Contributors to, As of February 2014

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