Oppo BDP-95

Updated May 31, 2014
Oppo BDP-95

The Oppo BDP-95 has been reviewed extensively and exhaustively by professionals and consumers. All concur that this universal disc player -- which means that it can play back almost any video or audio disc currently made -- provides exemplary performance. On the video side, capabilities and performance are virtually identical to the Oppo BDP-93, which regularly wins raves as just about the best Blu-ray player you can buy. For $500 over that already pricy but well-regarded universal player, owners of the BDP-95 get audio-processing circuitry and performance that would typically cost much more -- think professional-grade or high-end audiophile equipment. That leads some of the toughest-to-please experts to say that even at its $1,000 price tag, if you care deeply about audio quality, the Oppo BDP-95 is a bargain.

Reviewers praise the player's ability to bring out the best in film soundtracks and CDs alike, and they are hard-pressed to find significant flaws. Among the player's many technical advantages are its compatibility with a wide range of disc formats, including SACD, HDCD and DVD-Audio, and its ability to play back files from an external storage device via its USB and eSATA inputs. Digital and analog connectivity is comprehensive, including multichannel (7.1) analog audio. Experts do caution, however, that to appreciate the BDP-95's audio prowess, you need to link it to your receiver or amplifier via analog only; as is the case with all disc players, using the digital connections (HDMI, digital optical, etc.) passes on the signal processing duties to that next piece of gear.

ProsAudiophile-grade sound quality, Excellent 3D Blu-ray video quality, Comprehensive disc and file supportConsExpensive, Fan noise, Limited networking capability
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