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    Est. $25 per month …
    Pros: best call quality in most areas, extensive nationwide coverage, large 4G network
    Cons: relatively costly, mixed reviews for customer service
    not avail.
    $25 per month for basic phones with 700 minutes of talk
    Not available
    All plans are shared data. Price varies by number of devices and data allotment selected.
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    Est. $50 per month …
    Pros: music streaming doesn't count against data limits, data rollover for certain plans, canada and Mexico coverage included in plans, no overages for data, unlimited data plans availa …
    Cons: poor coverage outside of major metropolitan areas
      not avail.
      $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of LTE data, unlimited 2G data
      $80 per month for unlimited LTE data, plus unlimited talk and text.
      Additional lines added to primary line receive a discount of $20 for the second line and $40 for all other lines (up to 6) each line has its own data allotment, and can vary.
      Jump!; $10 per month; upgrade after device is 50 percent paid; includes handset insurance and security software subscription