Verizon Wireless
Bottom Line

Verizon Wireless outclasses other nationwide carriers in terms of call quality and LTE coverage, earning it lots of praise from experts and users. However, plans can be pricey and customer service isn't always as helpful as it could be.

ProsBest call quality in most areas, Extensive nationwide coverage, Large 4G networkConsRelatively costly, Mixed reviews for customer service

Breaking it down

Plan pricing and flexibility

Share and share alike. Verizon wireless has revamped its plans and pricing structure for new customers. All plans are now shared data (though a minutes only "shared" plan for basic phones is also available). Every device is subject to a $20 line access fee to which you add a pool of data that all can use. Data starts at 1 GB (Est. $30 per month) and goes up to a whopping 100 GB (Est. $750 per month). Whatever package you choose, watch your usage as extra data is charged at a high rate of $15 per GB. Phone contracts are no longer offered -- your options are to buy a phone on installments, pay the entire cost up front, or bring your own compatible phone to the network. Extra features such as free international calls, roll over data, and early upgrade plans offered by some competitors are missing.


Fast and reliable. Independent testing by RootMetrics, PCMag.com and others leave little doubt: on a national basis, Verizon continues to outshine the competition, though some of the other carriers are creeping closer, and sometimes perform as well or even a little better in certain areas. User satisfaction with network performance is also high, with Verizon coming in first in network quality in all six regions of the country in the latest J.D. Power and Associates survey.

Customer service

Iffy ratings. On the downside, Verizon Wireless's customer support gets mediocre scores. It's below average in J.D. Power and Associates surveys that measure satisfaction with customer care and the buying experience. Ditto at PCMag.com, where the carrier's poor grades in satisfaction measures offset its stellar performance ratings to land Verizon in the middle of the pack in that site's Readers' Choice awards.

Our Sources

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