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July 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Windows 7 phone lacks luster, despite its gigantic screen

  • Enormous and bright screen
  • User-friendly Windows Phone 7 OS
  • Smooth performance with no lag
  • Kickstand for watching videos
  • Short battery life
  • Poor camera quality
  • Limited viewing angles
  • Screen washes out easily
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HD7's giant screen falls flat

With a body "big enough to double as an ice scraper," according to Matt Buchanan of, and a screen to match, plus the well-designed Windows Phone 7 operating system, the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile plays on some interesting design concepts, but ultimately comes across as half-baked. "This could be a much better phone than it is, the Windows Phone to get," laments Buchanan, yet its "headline feature -- the neverending display -- is compromised by being less-than-stellar in other respects." Sascha Segan of concurs, saying the HTC HD7 smartphone is "not at the top of its class."

The HD7's 4.3-inch screen is the largest available for a Windows smartphone. Reviewers find that while it's easier to surf the web or play games with all that extra screen space, HTC has chosen "quantity over quality," as Vlad Savov of says. Buchanan notes it has "seriously crummy viewing angles" that wash out with the slightest of tilts. Vincent Nguyen of Slash Gear adds that its "middling color accuracy" in addition to the limited viewing angles leave the screen feeling "cheaper than you'd expect from a brand new smartphone." The HTC HD7's physical build is like a "greatest hits edition phone for HTC," Buchanan says, with various bits of the HD2 and the EVO 4G (*Est. $100 with contract) thrown together. Despite its size, reviewers find it's slim and easy to work with.

Impressive operating system, no 4G

The Windows Phone 7 operating system is the second selling point of the HTC HD7. Reviewers point out the operating system is nearly identical on all phones running it, though. The Windows Phone 7 OS is "light, fast, and user-friendly," says Ginny Mies of PC World, and the HD7 provides a "nice introduction to the platform." The 1 GHz Snapdragon processor provides plenty of power and 3G speeds are up to par, with Segan reporting download speeds of 1.6 to 2 Mbps. Still, reviewers are disappointed that such a high-end phone doesn't support T-Mobile's quasi-4G HSPA+ network.

The HD7 is a "good voice phone, but not a great one," Segan says. Reviewers find the battery life is weak at best, with Segan recording 4 hours and 3 minutes of talk time in 3G mode. It's "acceptable," he says, "but not great for a 3G device." The camera quality of the phone is a "mixed bag," says Nguyen. It produces clear, crisp shots one minute and fuzzy, underexposed shots the next. Video recording at 720p, however, does provide high-quality movies. Reviewers unanimously agree that the Samsung Focus (*Est. $50 with contract) is the best Windows Phone 7 available. It offers a better camera and expandable memory while its Super AMOLED display "blows the HD7′s panel out of the water," says Nguyen. Segan says the T-Mobile myTouch 4G (*Est. $200 with contract) is the best choice for those sticking with the carrier. and provide brief but engaging reviews of the HTC HD7, offering a blunt look at its pros and cons. offers a long, in-depth review that covers all the finer details of the HD7 while PC World and CNET provide shorter overviews of its major selling points. After covering the European version of the HD7, presents an updated review of the North American version, complete with picture and video demonstrations.

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Giving the HTC HD7 a "meh" rating, Matt Buchanan loves how the phone feels in his hand despite its gigantic size. He says it runs Windows Phone 7 "as excellently as it can be run" but that customers can get the same experience from any Windows Phone 7 phone. He dislikes the smartphone's poor viewing angles and weak battery life.

Review: HTC HD7 Review: Size Ain't Everything, Matt Buchanan, Nov. 8, 2010


Sascha Segan offers a detailed look at the HD7, noting it has a "large, bright" screen and "excellent audio and video performance." The downside of the phone is its poor camera, short battery life and lack of HSPA+. "We still recommend T-Mobile's more mature Android devices over this first-generation Windows phone," says Segan.

Review: HTC HD7 (T-Mobile), Sascha Segan, November 5, 2010

3. PC World

Ginny Mies provides a brief overview of the HTC HD7's major features, including design, operating system, camera, and performance. She ranks the HD7 4 out of 5 stars for its impressive specs but lack of HSPA+ support.

Review: HTC HD7: Superb Hardware Gets No 4G Love, Ginny Mies, Nov. 5, 2010


Vlad Savov covers every inch of the HD7 inside and out, complete with plenty of pictures and videos of all the phone's features and its performance. He rates the phone a 6 out of 10, citing its battery life, "questionable build quality," and screen performance as working against the smartphone.

Review: HTC HD7 Review, Vlad Savov, Oct. 20, 2010


Vincent Nguyen provides a picture-driven review of the HTC HD7, focusing on its key features with images and video demonstrations. This review builds on the review of the previously released European version of the HD7.

Review: T-Mobile HTC HD7 Review, Vincent Nguyen, Nov. 11, 2010


Bonnie Cha ranks the HTC HD7 4 out of 5 stars, a rating that users of the site also award the phone. She notes it could use some minor hardware upgrades, but still offers "satisfying" performance.

Review: HTC HD7 (T-Mobile), Bonnie Cha, Nov. 5, 2010

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