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HTC Inspire 4G

*Est. $100 with contract
July 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Sleek, affordable HTC Inspire 4G lags on 4G data speeds

  • Price
  • Large screen
  • Easy-to-use menus
  • Excellent call quality
  • Impressive camera
  • Large and slightly heavy
  • Data speeds slow for 4G
  • Battery cover difficult to remove
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With its large screen, user-friendly interface and low price tag, the HTC Inspire 4G is a "true competitor to the iPhone for the average consumer," says Jerry Hildenbrand of Yet while it earns points from reviewers for its innovative user interface and low price, this candy-bar smartphone falls short in the 4G department with its underwhelming data speeds. The Inspire's size may also be off-putting to those with smaller hands. Its 4.3-inch screen lets it function as a "good big-screen theater for videos," says Sascha Segan of, but this phone "won't fit comfortably in most women's pockets," says Jen Edwards of

The Inspire 4G measures 4.84 by 2.68 by 0.46 inches and weighs in at 5.78 ounces, a hair less than the HTC Evo 4G's (*Est. $100 with contract) 6 ounces. All this space is staked out by the super LCD WVGA screen that Edwards calls "big, bright and beautiful." Its viewing angle isn't as wide as on super AMOLED screens and the iPhone 4's (Free with contract for 8 GB) Retina display, but reviewers find the Inspire provides a clear viewing experience that doesn't wash out too badly in direct sunlight. The raised buttons are well laid out and fairly easy to press. Reviewers do have one caveat about the Inspire's design: removing the battery cover is "as hard as a Chinese puzzle," warns Hildenbrand.

Shipping with Android 2.2, the Inspire 4G includes the HTC Sense user interface, and reviewers say the interface is fast. General use feels "snappier and more fluid," says Bonnie Cha of CNET, and the phone boots up in less than 10 seconds. Yet while the well-designed interface and 1 GHz processor keep the phone blazing along, 4G data speeds crash and burn. Testing in New York, Cha records download speeds of only 1.38 Mbps and upload speeds of 0.15 Mbps while T-Mobile's myTouch4G downloads at 5.37 Mbps and uploads at 1.37 Mbps. Other reviewers record similar data speeds on the two devices.

Reviewers say the Inspire 4G's 8-megapixel camera provides a plethora of fun features and produces what Mark Spoonauer of Laptop Magazine calls "print-worthy" photos outdoors, though indoor shots are "fuzzy." The Inspire 4G's call quality is also good; reviewers say they can hear callers loud and clear. Of course, like any smartphone, users will still need a charger on hand after a hard day's use. In intense battery testing, the phone held for only 4 hours and 48 minutes for Spoonauer and 5 hours and 30 minutes for Cha., and Laptop Magazine provide broad reviews of the Inspire's key features with Laptop Magazine adding data charts and graphs of performance. and CNET provide shorter reviews focused mainly on features. provides the most extensive review, which focuses on both usability and data/hardware specs while even touching on the phone's "hackability" factor.

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Calling it the first phone that's been a "true competitor" to the iPhone, Jerry Hildenbrand leaves no stone unturned in exploring the Inspire 4G's features, usability, hackability and data speeds.

Review: HTC Inspire 4G Review, Jerry Hildenbrand, Feb. 23, 2011


In a short but insightful review, Sascha Segan looks at the Inspire 4G's software and multimedia features while also testing its 4G speeds. He finds the phone to be a "big, powerful and affordably priced" Android phone that can "stand up well" against the iPhone.

Review: HTC Inspire 4G (AT&T), Sascha Segan, Feb. 4, 2011

3. Laptop Magazine

Adding in colorful data charts and a table of the Inspire 4G's specs, Mark Spoonauer exhausts all features of the smartphone to reach an unbiased conclusion on its performance. He notes that overall the Inspire is "certainly one of the better Android phones" in its price range, though the myTouch 4G (*Est. $80) and T-Mobile G2 (*Est. $80) are a "better deal because they offer faster data speeds."

Review: HTC Inspire 4G (AT&T) Review, Mark Spoonauer, Feb. 7, 2011


Jen Edwards covers the Inspire's features, design and performance as well as its extensive social networking functionality. She notes that there's "a lot to love" about the Inspire 4G and that it has finally surpassed the HTC Droid Incredible (*Est. $80) as her favorite smartphone.

Review: HTC Inspire 4G Review, Jen Edwards, Feb. 20, 2011


Bonnie Cha's condensed review of the Inspire 4G offers an overview of the design, interface and features along with data speeds and battery testing. She gives the phone an "excellent" ranking at 4 out of 5 stars while users also rank the phone at 4 stars, based on over 100 reviews.

Review: HTC Inspire 4G (AT&T), Bonnie Cha, Feb. 4, 2011


Giving the phone score of 8 out of 10 ranking, Jeffrey Van Camp provides a short but detailed review of the Inspire's features and functionality. He also offers a lengthy spec sheet covering every detail a consumer could ever want to know about the Inspire 4G.

Review: HTC Inspire 4G Review, Jeffrey Van Camp, May 2, 2011

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