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LG Lucid

*Est. $20 with contract
October 2012
by ConsumerSearch
LG Lucid

LG Lucid keeps price low and performance high

  • Bright, colorful display
  • Comfortable, compact design
  • Fast processor
  • Quick 4G LTE speeds
  • Good camera
  • Poor call quality
  • Video quality issues
  • Outdated Android software

Bottom line

For Verizon customers in search of a great deal, the LG Lucid smartphone is a tempting choice. A budget Android smartphone that feels and acts like a high-end device, the Lucid sports a comfortable design, vibrant 4-inch screen, speedy dual-core processor and a good 5-megapixel camera. Running on Verizon's 4G LTE network, the Lucid is a speedy smartphone that's "closer to what was called high-end just six months ago," says Jamie Lendino of

Ease of use

Organized interface makes life easier. Reviewers are disappointed that the Lucid ships with Android 2.3 Gingerbread instead of the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Updates to ICS will be available in the future.

Despite lacking the latest iteration of the Android operation system, the Lucid still contains a user-friendly, engaging interface. The lock screen contains shortcuts to launch the camera, phone, text messaging, or voice mail features instantly. Apps are separated into categories, and users can redefine the categories and rearrange apps to fit their needs.

The Lucid also takes advantage of several motion-sensitive controls. Flipping it over can mute an incoming call, set a ringing alarm to snooze or mute the volume on videos. Tapping on the right or left side of the smartphone moves the cursor forward or backward when typing.


Pretty fast, but 4G drains battery. On the inside, the Lucid houses a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor that can "hang with some of the higher-end phones on the market," says Sherri L. Smith of Laptop Magazine. Reviewers found the device responsive and swift even when running multiple apps, but rate call quality as mediocre, with La calling it "too sharp and tinny." The speakerphone receives bad reviews all around for its harsh sound. Connected to Verizon's fast 4G LTE network, Smith reports average download speeds of 12.9 Mbps and upload speeds of 7.8 Mbps. Mobile sites loaded in under five seconds and the full versions in under 10. Battery life is average, with the battery draining faster in heavy-use cases and when using 4G data.


Good design and bright screen. A vivid display fills the front of the Lucid, with just enough room at the bottom for four capacitive navigation buttons. On the back it's protected by a glossy plastic that appears slick yet is surprisingly comfortable and easy to grip, according to reviewers. "The LG Lucid has one of the best in hand feels of any phone that I have used to date, and the build quality feels exceptional. The perfect combination of weight to size makes using this device an enjoyable experience," says Jared DiPane of

The 4-inch LCD display with an 800-by-480 resolution is "one of the brightest and crispest I've ever seen on a handset in this class," says Lynn La of CNET. Reviewers agree it paints colorful pictures, though web videos can appear pixelated. For most uses, however, the display appears "suitably bright and colorful, if not as vivid or with as deep blacks as a Super AMOLED panel," states Lendino.


Easy to hold, hard to break. Covered in Gorilla Glass on the front and a thick plastic on the back, the Lucid is fairly durable. Reviewers say it is actually easy to grip, and its compact design can stand up to a short drop.


Speedy camera takes good shots. The Lucid's 5-megapixel camera with LED flash has great photo quality, according to reviewers, and fast shutter speeds. It offers face tracking, white-balance options, color effects, panorama mode and scene modes -- among other features. Video records at 1080p HD as well as smaller resolutions.

The camera produces vibrant, clear photographs with "admirable" white balance, says La. According to "John V." of, "It doesn't put out marvelous masterpieces, but it handles a wide range of shooting conditions with enough good visuals to keep us content." Video results are less impressive, with reviewers reporting artifacting.

LG has preloaded plenty of games and other apps onto the Lucid, and it offers 4 GB of internal storage along with a microSD card slot. Reviewers say web videos looked good on the bright screen, but audio quality "left something to be desired," says Smith.

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