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LG Nexus 4

*Est. $300 and up, no contract
February 2013
by ConsumerSearch
LG Nexus 4

Google's unlocked Nexus 4 is scorchingly fast, but lacks true 4G

  • Spacious display with bright whites and accurate colors
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Excellent call quality and reception
  • Low price for unlocked smartphone
  • No 4G LTE data
  • No microSD card slot for expandable memory

Bottom Line

The LG Nexus 4, Google's follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, offers a blisteringly fast quad-core processor, the stock Android operating system (Jellybean 4.2 with no overlay), and a vibrant display with true-to-life colors. It's also unlocked so you can activate it on either AT&T or T-Mobile with no contract. At $300 for the 8 GB version and $350 for 16 GB, its price is in line with many contract smartphones. However, the Nexus comes with one drawback: a lack of 4G data capabilities. "While the LG Nexus 4 wins on internal performance and user experience," says Lynn La of CNET, "anyone shopping for an unlocked phone should consider a comparable LTE handset first." Contract options include the LG Optimus G (*Est. $50 and up with contract), Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD (*Est. $300 with contract) or the iPhone 5 (*Est. $200 and up with contract). The LG Nexus 4 is available for purchase directly from Google Play.

Ease of Use

Design and interface updates offer easy use. Just the right size to fit into a pocket and textured enough for easy gripping, the Nexus 4 is designed for easy use. The latest Android operating system, Jellybean 4.2, is "more of a refinement than a complete overhaul," says Ross Catanzariti of PC World, yet reviewers say that's not a bad thing. Google offers both improvements and additional features to enhance user experience.

JellyBean 4.2 includes a Swype-like keyboard, where users swipe across the keys instead of tapping each one; a 360-degree PhotoSphere camera option; and upgrades to Google Now for more accurate traffic and weather conditions, along with restaurant suggestions.

Performance and reliability

Speedy data for T-Mobile, less so for AT&T. The Nexus 4 has excellent reception and call quality, according to reviewers, though Lynn La of CNET reports that audio volume is "too low." The 2,100 mAh battery also proves exceptional, averaging 8 to 10 hours of talk time. T-Mobile customers can take advantage of the HSPA+42 network for fast data speeds; however, AT&T customers are stuck with the slower HSPA+21. Jamie Lendino of reports an average of 10 to 11 Mbps downloading on T-Mobile's network, but only 2 to 3 Mbps on AT&T. "If your heart is set on AT&T LTE," says Lendino, "you should look at a subsidized Samsung Galaxy S III or an iPhone 5."


Durable screen, but delicate glass back. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protects the Nexus 4's 4.7-inch display, while a glass back gives the smartphone a high-end feel. Grippy rubber sides make it easy to hold, but the back panel cracks easily when dropped, according to Joshua Topolsky of


Efficient if uninspired design. A 4.7-inch IPS Plus LCD display with 1,280-by-768-pixel resolution brings vibrant colors and bright whites to the Nexus 4's screen. Its glass chassis seems to melt over the sides, making the smartphone look sleek and stylish, though some reviewers find it an uninspiring update to the original Galaxy Nexus design.

The back panel features a holographic-like reflection visible in direct light that CNET's Lynn La describes the design as reminiscent of "Tetris" or "The Matrix. The Nexus 4 also lacks a microSD card slot, forcing users to choose between 8 GB and 16 GB of built-in memory without the option to expand their storage.


PhotoSphere adds new depth to excellent camera. According to CNET's Lynn La, the Nexus 4's 8-megapixel camera takes good indoor as well as excellent outdoor shots, producing "crisp" images with "well-defined edges" even on gloomy days. Where the camera stands out is its PhotoSphere option. Similar to panorama mode, this feature takes a series of images and stitches them together. However, PhotoSphere takes the technology one step further by creating a 360-degree image that captures all angles, including above and below. Videos record at 1080p and are of average quality.

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