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LG Optimus V

*Est. $130, no contract
August 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Virgin Mobile's Android smartphone delivers great performance for its price

  • Price
  • Clear call quality
  • Fast processor
  • Responsive interface
  • Cramped screen
  • Browser has no Flash support
  • Can't use as mobile hotspot
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The Optimus V is speedy and affordable

The LG Optimus V is a solid entry-level Android smartphone that provides great value for its price, according to reviews.'s Jamie Lendino says the Optimus V's "big selling point… is Virgin Mobile's inexpensive pricing plans." Design-wise, the slim Optimus V is nearly identical to Sprint's LG Optimus S (Free with contract) aside from a few superficial differences, such as color. The Optimus S is slate gray, while the Optimus V is black.

The Optimus V's touch-screen display is bright and responsive, reviewers say, though at 3.2 inches, it's a bit cramped, especially for typing. Some reviewers also find the display too glossy and reflective. The physical menu buttons are praised by experts for having good tactile feedback. Reviews like the stock Android interface, which has very little bloatware, but it's the phone's 600MHz processor that receives the most praise for its speed and near flawless performance.

A great budget smartphone, but with a few flaws

Virgin Mobile's 3G data speeds receive favorable reviews, but some experts express disappointment over the lack of hot-spot tethering capability, which is available on other Optimus phones.'s Darryl Doak also notes that there are times when the phone reports a 3G connection when there is none. CNET's Lee is disappointed that Flash videos cannot be played on the browser -- though they can be accessed through YouTube or other video apps -- but Lendino says the WebKit browser is excellent overall.

In the multimedia department, reviewers praise the side-mounted microSD card slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and easy-to-use music player. The speakers' sound quality, however, is mediocre, they say. Photos taken by the 3.2 megapixel camera are middling in quality and the lack of flash is disappointing, reviewers say. Call quality receives stellar reviews, although Lee complains of the "occasional background hiss." The Optimus V has a rated talk time of 11 hours, but its tested talk time according to tests at PCMag and CNET is just a little more than 5 hours.

CNET's review of the LG Optimus V compares it to the other Optimus S, and references tests conducted to determine performance. PCMag's review pits the Optimus V against Virgin Mobile's other budget phone offerings., and post reviews with videos and numerous pictures of the device.

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Nicole Lee recommends the Optimus V for people who want to get an entry-level Android smartphone. She notes that the difference between the Sprint's LG Optimus S and Virgin Mobile's Optimus V is mainly the phone's color schemes.

Review: LG Optimus V (Virgin Mobile), Nicole Lee, Feb. 1, 2011


While the Optimus phones are not "Droid X or iPhone 4 killers," they're a solid choice for people who want budget, entry-level Android smartphones, Lendino says. The LG Optimus V makes it on PCMag's list of best Android phones.

Review: LG Optimus V (Virgin Mobile), Jamie Lendino, Feb. 14, 2011


Darryl Doak says the LG Optimus V is a steal for its price point. He likes the camera, but, like other reviewers, wishes it had a flash.

Review: Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V Review -- Raising the Bar for Budget Android Phones!, Darryl Doak, May 5, 2011


The Optimus phones are some of the best mid-range phones, Sydney Myers says, and the Optimus V is no different. She notes that while the camera isn't so great, that's no reason not to consider getting the device.

Review: LG Optimus V Review by Sydney, Sydney Myers, Feb. 16, 2011

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