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Motorola i886

*Est. $150 with contract
November 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Nextel's first Android-powered feature phone

  • Built to military standards
  • Above-average speaker
  • Android operating system
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Weak camera
  • Lacks Wi-Fi capability
  • Slow data-transfer speed
  • Google apps and Android Market unavailable

The Motorola i886 is a unique phone, reviewers say. It's not a smartphone, yet it runs the Android operating system. And while it lacks the functionality of a smartphone, it boasts some unique features of its own. "No longer is Android confined to smartphones, touch screens or high-end hardware," says reviewer "Brian K."

Built to military specifications for durability,'s Jamie Lendino says Sprint's Motorola i886 is "chunky and rugged." In front are a bright 2.2-inch LCD screen and a speaker that Lendino describes as "wonderfully loud, clear and powerful" (other reviewers report hearing a hissing sound, however). A rubberized back panel covers access to the battery and microSD slot.

The i886 is Nextel's first phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which some reviewers say is a bit flimsy. Along the sides, you'll find a volume rocker, push-to-talk button, speaker key, 3.5 mm headset jack, camera key and microUSB port. It has a decent music player, reviewers say, but its 2-megapixel camera lacks a flash and auto focus. Call quality is good, they note, as is battery life.

Despite running Android, the i886 doesn't have access to Gmail, Google apps or the Android Market; users can access over 100,000 apps from the GetJar app store, though. Other than reviewer Eric Zemen, who gripes about buttons being "everywhere," experts are generally impressed with the i886.

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Reviewer Jamie Lendino says the i886 may not be a smartphone but is "the first non-touch version of Android on a handset," and this puts it in a unique and lucrative market position. At least that's until the price of Android phones becomes competitive with feature phones, he adds.

Review: Motorola i886 (Sprint), Jamie Lendino, Jan. 26, 2011


Reviewer Nicole Lee finds the i886 to be "very functional," with "fabulous" call quality. She criticizes its lack of Wi-Fi capability, however, and she notes that the camera takes "average" images and videos at best.

Review: Motorola i886 (Sprint), Nicole Lee, Feb. 11, 2011


Reviewer "Brian K." says that the i886 "is somewhat of a curiosity" that could represent "a seminal event in Android history. He finds many good qualities in the i886 but says its lack of Google apps, especially Gmail, is a serious problem.

Review: Motorola i886 Review, "Brian K.", Jan. 18, 2011


Reviewer Eric Zemen says the i886 a great voice phone with "very good battery life," even though it is not a smartphone and isn't compatible with Google apps or the Android Marketplace. Still, he says, "If you are in the market for a semi-rugged Push-To-Talk phone that offers a QWERTY keyboard, then the Motorola i886 meets those minimal requirements.

Review: Review: Motorola i886, Eric M. Zeman, Jan. 26, 2011

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