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Pantech Impact

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October 2010
by ConsumerSearch

Dependable touch-screen messaging phone for AT&T

  • High-quality OLED display
  • Bright, vibrant internal display
  • Good web browser
  • Can't use camera when phone is closed
  • No flash on camera
  • Proprietary headphone jack
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The Pantech Impact, available at AT&T, is a flip-style full QWERTY messaging device. Reviewers generally like the design -- the exception being PC World's Damon Brown who calls it "clumsy" -- though it's somewhat bulkier than some of its rivals including the LG enV3 (Free with contract). Nicole Lee of CNET says the black exterior OLED touch display "looks quite stunning" when awakened, and editors at say the screen, which features haptic feedback, is responsive. The 2.6-inch internal display has a 400-by-240-pixel resolution and supports 262,000 colors that Lee says "results in sharp, colorful graphics."'s Jamie Lendino finds the display "a little scrunched," however.

The Impact's four-row QWERTY keyboard is well liked, but some reviewers note that the keys are a little too close to one another and flush to the surface of the phone. Tests on call quality on the Pantech Impact result in ratings ranging from "about average," according to Damon Brown at PC World, to "quite good on the whole" from CNET's Lee. Some reviewers report problems with low volume. The battery on the Pantech Impact is rated for five hours of talk time and testers report getting even better results.

Using the Opera browser, most reviewers report that web pages load quickly in under 30 seconds. Picture quality from the 2-megapixel camera gets a mediocre rating from professionals who say that although images are sharp, colors look dull or grayish. Consumers are generally happy with the camera's performance. However, reviewers frequently complain that the camera cannot be operated unless the phone is open. As for video, editors at say they are "glad to see the Impact provides a decent video watching experience that's sure to please most movie buffs." The Impact also has a basic music player but reviewers complain that the phone does not come with a headset to fit the proprietary jack.

A good number of professional, hands-on reviews are available for the Pantech Impact. CNET and include video demonstrations and image galleries. and each give thorough evaluations of the Pantech Impact's features with the former having a more positive opinion than the latter. More than 300 consumers weigh in on the Pantech Impact on

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CNET's Nicole Lee gives a short video demonstration of the Pantech Impact and a thorough feature-by-feature review. Lee likes the unique form factor and OLED touch screen. On the other hand, she says the QWERTY keyboard is a little cramped and finds the camera somewhat awkward to use since the phone needs to be open to take a picture.

Review: Pantech Impact -- Pink (AT&T), Nicole Lee, Dec. 2, 2009


The editors at say, "Pantech hits the mark with the Impact for a text messaging oriented handset" and praise the roomy QWERTY keyboard and stylish design. The main negatives cited are somewhat "washed out" photos and "jerky" videos.

Review: Pantech Impact P7000 Review, Editors of, Dec. 9, 2009


Reviewer Jamie Lendino has high praise for the Pantech Impact, calling it "easily the company's best feature phone to date." His review ranks the Impact on design, call quality, messaging, multimedia and camera quality.

Review: Pantech Impact (AT&T), Jamie Lendino, Dec. 7, 2009

4. PC World

Editor Damon Brown is not a huge fan of the Pantech Impact, calling the design "clumsy" and "awkward." He says "making phone calls on the Impact is more difficult then it should be" and call quality is "about average." On the plus side, Brown says the QWERTY keyboard is responsive and the Impact does a good job taking video.

Review: Pantech Impact Phone Review, Damon Brown, Jan. 26, 2010


More than 300 customers post their opinions on the Pantech Impact on ATT's site, with the majority saying they would recommend it to a friend. Most find the Impact easy to use and great for texting and taking pictures. Some users report frequent freeze-ups and have problems with the phone's limited memory.

Review: Pantech Impact Customer Reviews, Contributors to

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