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Pantech Pursuit II

*Est. $80 with contract; rebate available
October 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Pantech Pursuit II

The Pantech Pursuit II is a passable messaging phone

  • Solidly built
  • Captures great photos
  • User-friendly hardware keyboard
  • Terrible video recording
  • Short battery life
  • Slow 3G speeds
  • Proprietary headphone jack
  • Sluggish interface

Reviewers are not very impressed with the Pantech Pursuit II. CNET's Nicole Lee finds it "a bit of a step down from the original Pursuit," while's "Brian K." reports "call quality and battery life are our two main complaints." reviewer Alex Colon highlights several flaws, but his bigger complaint is with AT&T's "pricey data plans." And's reviewer, John Schettino, simply says "It's hard to see who the target market is."

Decent design; humdrum phone                  

The Pantech Pursuit II retains the neat, compact flip design so many reviewers liked with the original Pursuit. It's slightly larger than its predecessor, and the user-friendly keyboard slides out from the bottom rather than the side of the phone. Experts aren't very happy with this change, as it means the keyboard is narrower and a little cramped. Nicole Lee at CNET finds the 2.8-inch, 240-by-320-pixel capacitive touch screen "not as crisp as before," but admits this is a "minor quibble for a phone in this category."

Features and performance are underwhelming        

Among the many complaints about the Pursuit II is its proprietary headphone jack. Since it doesn't ship with headphones, that feature is rendered "close to useless," as Colon puts it, since you can't use your own pair. Video quality is very bad, though Lee is "pleasantly surprised by the photo quality" of the 2-megapixel camera. The phone struggles to stay connected to AT&T's already spotty 3G network, and call quality receives mixed reviews, mostly bad. Lee complains of "tinny voice quality." Battery life is an abysmal three hours or less, according to tests. 

The bottom line

Even though's Alex Colon says, "If all you're looking to do is talk and text, the Pursuit II is a fine choice," he suggests that a cheap smartphone like the iPhone 3GS or Samsung's Captivate would be a better choice. In general, the Pursuit II will work fine for talking and texting, but it's worth shopping around.

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Although he finds a few positive things to say about it, reviewer "Brian K." concludes the Pantech Pursuit II is little more than "a run of the mill phone by today's standards," and that there is "little else to distinguish it from the hordes of messaging phones available these days."

Review: Pantech Pursuit II Review, "Brian K.", July 25, 2011


"If all you want is an affordable and functioning messaging phone from AT&T, the Pursuit II gets the job done," says CNET's Nicole Lee. She laments the loss of the original Pursuit's "unique…playful approach to the quick-messaging category."

Review: Pantech Pursuit II (Green, AT&T), Nicole Lee, July 21, 2011


Alex Colon says the Pantech Pursuit II is "a good messaging device that's held back by bloatware, a proprietary headphone jack, and pricey data plans." However, for those who want a phone just to talk and text, "the Pursuit II is a fine choice."

Review: Pantech Pursuit II (AT&T), Alex Colon, July 27, 2011

4. reviewer John Schettino says the Pantech Pursuit II is "capable enough" for what it is designed to do, but is "definitely trailing-edge technology."

Review: Pantech Breeze III and Pursuit II (AT&T) Review, John Schettino, Oct. 10, 2011


In his video review, Mike Perlman likes the "portable and stylish" design of the Pantech Pursuit II but finds the purchase "difficult to justify," especially when compared to the AT&T's iPhone 3GS, which for about $50 (at the time of this review) packs greater power and has more features.

Review: Pantech Pursuit II Review (Video): One Cold Pursuit, Mike Perlman, Aug. 16, 2011

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