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Samsung Galaxy Indulge

*Est. $200, no contract
July 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Samsung Galaxy Indulge

Speedy 4G phone quickly runs out of juice

  • 4G LTE connection
  • Fast processor
  • Roomy QWERTY keyboard
  • Short battery life
  • Dim display
  • Camera shutter lag

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge gets mixed reviews, with praise for its 4G capability and criticism of its plasticky feel and high price. Sascha Segan of calls it "a cut-rate version of the Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint," and recommends the cheaper LG Optimus M (*Est $70, no contract) as the better smartphone choice on MetroPCS.

Reviews of the Galaxy Indulge's 3.5-inch, 320-by-480 capacitive touch-screen display are mixed -- some find it clear and crisp, while others say it's dim and grainy. Most reviewers say the keys on the slide-out QWERTY keyboard feel flat, but are well spaced and sufficiently resistant. Reviewers praise the music player, and CNET's Jessica Dolcourt says it's better than other Android players due to Samsung's TouchWiz interface. Segan notes, however, that the player exhibits pixelation and washed-out colors when playing videos. Photos taken by the Indulge's 3.2 megapixel camera (with autofocus) look sharp enough, reviewers say, but the camera shutter lags a few seconds.

The Galaxy Indulge is a 4G phone, but not all reviewers are impressed with data speeds. Its 1 GHz Hummingbird processor is universally praised for its speed, though. Sydney Arnold of considers the preloaded MetroPCS apps unfortunate additions to the device, but Segan praises its "virtual credit card" program that lets consumers shop online using a prepaid account. Reviews of the Indulge's call quality are generally good, with the exception of Segan who comments that voices "sound dim and buzzy." Battery life receives poor reviews overall. The phone's battery drains more quickly than other 3G and 4G phones, reviewers say.

CNET's review of the Samsung Galaxy Indulge is comprehensive. PCMag's review pits it against other MetroPCS and Galaxy S Phones, while's review has numerous pictures of the device. The results of several benchmark tests are included in Laptop Magazine's review. and present succinct hands-on reviews of the device.

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Jessica Dolcourt says the Galaxy Indulge is the best smartphone on MetroPCS, but expresses disappointment over the poor battery life. She's also underwhelmed by the smartphone's overall performance.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Indulge - Black (MetroPCS), Jessica Dolcourt, Feb. 16, 2011


PCMag's tests conclude that the Galaxy Indulge doesn't reach 4G speeds. Sascha Segan says the LG Optimus M is a better choice on MetroPCS.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Indulge (MetroPCS), Sascha Segan, Feb. 15, 2011

3. Laptop Magazine

Kenneth Butler recommends the Indulge to those who want a 4G device without the contract. However, he criticizes some of the phone's hardware such as its display and battery.

Review: Samsung Indulge (Metro PCS) Review, Kenneth Butler, Feb. 17, 2011


The Galaxy Indulge's data speeds don't reach 4G levels according to PhoneArena's benchmark tests, but editors present a positive review overall, comparing it to other prepaid Android phones.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Indulge Review, Editors of, April 8, 2011


While Sydney Arnold is impressed with the Indulge's speedy processor and 4G connection, she also acknowledges that the price tag might be beyond some people's reach.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Indulge 4G Review by Sydney, Sydney Arnold, Feb. 24, 2011


Rich Brome offers a brief review of the Galaxy Indulge. He's impressed with the overall speed of the smartphone, but notes that it's not "a phone for power users."

Review: Hands-On: Samsung Galaxy Indulge for MetroPCS, Rich Brome, Feb. 9, 2011

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