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Samsung Intensity II

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April 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Messaging phone for teens with an eco-friendly angle

  • Built with recycled components
  • Does not require Verizon's monthly data plan
  • Affordable
  • No 3.5 mm jack
  • Slow downloads
  • Poor call quality
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The Samsung Intensity II is very similar to its predecessor, critics say. The phone has its faults, but CNET's Jessica Dolcourt says it's a "good midrange phone" and notes that its affordability compensates for its shortcomings. The Samsung Intensity II does not require a data plan, like many of Verizon's feature phones, which makes it more appealing, editors say. Like Samsung's Blue Earth and Reclaim, the Intensity II is made of recycled components and packaged in a small box that uses soy ink and is composed of 60 percent recycled paper.

Philip Berne at compares the Intensity II's design to the near-identical LG Cosmos, saying it "adds nothing new to the formula" of basic slider phones. However, it "feels sturdier" than its predecessor, editors say. Its 2.2-inch, 240-by-320-pixel display is a slight improvement on the original's. Berne says that the screen is colorful, but dim, with a narrow viewing angle. The pictorial screen menu, which Dolcourt describes as "teen-minded," could be better, critics say. Both Dolcourt and's Jamie Lendino find typing on the Intensity II's QWERTY keyboard "quick and easy" and "comfortable," respectively, but's Berne say it's cramped.

The phone's threaded messaging feature is praised by reviewers, but its email application is said to be clunky and slow, and its basic web browser loads only mobile-optimized sites. The Intensity II is also not 3G-compatible. Call quality receives poor feedback from reviewers, who complain of muddled voices and the like. Battery life, on the other hand, is praised, with tests by CNET, and exceeding promised talk time of five hours. Reviewers say they are disappointed that the phone does not have a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, though it has stereo Bluetooth. Dolcourt describes overall sound quality as "passable, but tinny," while Berne reports connection problems over Bluetooth. The Intensity's II's 1.3-megapixel camera is generally panned, with blurriness being a general complaint.

CNET criticizes some of the phone's aspects, but editors still consider it a good midrange option for teens.'s review is more critical. offers a succinct review, and editors say it's a good choice texting phone. Finally, editors discuss the phone's features and compare it to the LG Cosmos.

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Reviewer Jessica Dolcourt describes both the phone's call and image quality as mediocre. Nevertheless, she finds the Samsung Intensity II a good midrange phone for teens, as the affordability makes up for its shortcomings.

Review: Samsung Intensity II -- Deep Gray (Verizon Wireless), Jessica Dolcourt, Aug. 11, 2010


Philip Berne is very critical of the Intensity II's features. He lists several features, such as the QWERTY keyboard, that could use improvement, but he praises the phone's threaded messaging.

Review: Review: Samsung Intensity II, Philip Berne, Oct. 4, 2010


The Intensity II is a "nice alternative to the LG Cosmos," says Jamie Lendino. He says the Samsung Intensity II has enough features as a messaging phone, but that the camera "needs work."

Review: Samsung Intensity II SCH-U460 (Verizon Wireless), Jamie Lendino, Sept. 16, 2010


The editors of say the Intensity II is not worth getting if you already the original Intensity. They do note, however, that the display is better than the first Intensity.

Review: Samsung Intensity II Review, Editors of, Aug. 10, 2010

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