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Samsung Replenish

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February 2012
by ConsumerSearch

Affordable and eco-friendly Android candybar phone keeps it simple

  • Tactile physical keyboard
  • Recyclable
  • Made of recycled components
  • Good call quality
  • No Flash support
  • Slow processor
  • Plastic feel
  • Low-resolution screen
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Experts praise the Samsung Replenish's price, use of recycled materials and Android operating system, but several complain about its low-resolution screen and sluggishness. Nevertheless, CNET's Jessica Dolcourt says, the Replenish phone "offers good value as a basic, easy-to-use Android phone."'s Brad Molen says the Replenish, which measures 4.8 inches high, looks longer than it is because of its taller display and shorter keyboard. The phone is made of plastic, 34 percent of which is recycled material.'s Eric M. Zeman says the phone feels solid and doesn't share the terrible-quality plastics of its predecessors, the Restore and the Reclaim. Molen, on the other hand, is impressed by the optional back cover that's equipped with a solar panel for charging.

The phone's highly criticized display is a 2.8-inch touch screen with a 240-by-320-pixel resolution. Molen says he "immediately saw the pixilation pouring out of the screen" as soon as he switched on the phone.'s Jamie Lendino says the screen is awful: small, unresponsive and too dim, with flat colors. Reviewers praise the inclusion of a keyboard, as Android phones with physical keyboards are a rarity, but criticize its keys for being cramped and its navigation buttons for being hard to press. Also, even if you can access most of Android's features, the Replenish's low specifications prevent it from supporting Flash. In fact, experts repeatedly criticize the phone's sluggishness, partly caused by its low-end processor.

Sprint's 3G speeds work well where there's coverage, and reviewers are pleased that the Replenish smartphone can be used as a mobile hotspot. Call quality also shines, with experts praising the phone's loud-and-clear sound quality and solid connection. The quality of the images taken by the phone's 2 megapixel camera, which lacks autofocus and a flash, are varied, but most reviewers say it's good for such a low-spec cam. Because of its poor-quality display, videos don't look so great on the Replenish. CNET tests reveal the phone has an actual battery life of around 6 hours and 5 minutes, about an hour longer than Samsung claims.

CNET, and offer detailed reviews of the Samsung Replenish.'s and's reviews are succinct, touching on the phone's important aspects, while's review is rich in product images and screenshots.

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Jessica Dolcourt thinks the Replenish "resembles a cheaper knockoff of the Motorola Droid Pro." She thinks Samsung did a great job of creating an eco-phone "that balances cost and convenience," but notes the phone's lack of Flash support as the biggest disappointment.

Review: Samsung Replenish (Raspberry Pink, Sprint), Jessica Dolcourt, May 9, 2011


"The Replenish is a decent choice for first-time smartphone buyers," Brad Molen says, but in the same breath proclaims that it's not something you'd want if you already use an Android phone. He expresses disappointment over the phone's cheap display and flimsy chassis, and is waiting for the day when eco-friendly doesn't mean low-end.

Review: Samsung Replenish Review, Brad Molen, June 10, 2011


Eric Zeman criticizes the phone's shortcomings, but he still believes that "what it makes up for in lack of features…is heart." Among the experts, Zeman has the most positive comments.

Review: Review: Samsung Replenish, Eric M. Zeman, May 20, 2011


Jamie Lendino's biggest complaint about the phone is its "poor-quality screen [that] ruins the experience." He says that with its slab form factor, Android platform and physical keyboard the Replenish is a rare beast, and that "the world needs more" of them.

Review: Samsung Replenish (Sprint), Jamie Lendino, May 17, 2011


The editors of believe that in spite of all the negatives, the Replenish still has "some other exciting things" that make people take notice. While it is disappointing in some respects, they say the Replenish "does exactly what it sought out to do."

Review: Samsung Replenish Review, Editors of, May 9, 2011


Mike Perlman writes that the Replenish is one of the better options if you're a "hardcore greenie," but says that its poor camera, battery life and display are the reasons why it trails behind competitors.

Review: Samsung Replenish Report, Mike Perlman, May 20, 2011

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