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Samsung Transform

*Est. $50 with contract
November 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Samsung Transform raises the bar for mid-range features

  • Excellent physical keyboard
  • Front-facing camera
  • Slow to respond at times
  • Adequate (but not great) screen
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Samsung's Android phone sports a great keyboard, but has some bugs

Fashioned after the Samsung Epic 4G (*Est. $150 with contract), the Samsung Transform serves as a cheaper mid-range device. "It fits nicely into a pocket, but you probably won't forget that it's there," says Jen Edwards of Reviewers rave about the slide-out QWERTY keyboard that "may actually be the best we've seen on a mid-range Android device," says Sean Hollister of

Reviewers are divided on the Transform's overall performance. Some experience more bugs and processor lag than others, but all agree that some of Sprint's apps slow the phone down and 3G web speeds aren't the fastest. "It's easy to mistake the Samsung Transform for a high-end phone," says Hollister. "Don't." A relatively slow 800MHz processor, paired with its limited 256 MB of RAM, can cause the smartphone to bog down when running too many apps or downloading large amounts of data. Call quality is good, according to reviews, but battery life disappoints.

That the physical keyboard is impressive is one point reviewers all agree on. Most call it the best mid-range keyboard available, and some are surprised to find it works better than the one sported by Sprint's flagship device, the Epic 4G. The Transform houses a 3.5-inch, 320-by-480-pixel LCD touch screen on the front that displays bright and vibrant colors, though it can look a bit "washed out," according to's Sean Hollister.

The Transform includes both a 3.2-megapixel camera and a front-facing camera. Images are "surprisingly good," says Phil Nickinson of, though video quality falls short. While the Transform is a good device for consumers who want a physical keyboard and clear call quality, for those who want a "media powerhouse," as Jen Edwards puts it, "the Transform probably isn't the device for you."

CNET provides in-depth details of the Samsung Transform's performance and how it stacks up against other smartphones. AndroidCentral.Com, and compare the smartphone against the Epic 4G. provides the most optimistic review of the device, touching on all the major features and performance results.  

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Jessica Dolcourt of CNET rates the Samsung Transform 3.5 out of 5 stars for its "attractive" design, front-facing camera and "excellent" call quality. Dolcourt cautions that battery life is short and Sprint apps carry slow load times.

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Phil Nickinson pits the Transform and the Epic 4G head to head, concluding that the Transform is a "scaled down version of the Epic 4G" for those who don't need 4G service.

Review: Sprint Samsung Transform Review, Phil Nickinson, Nov. 16, 2010


Cautioning shoppers not to mistake the Transform for a high-end device, Sean Hollister offers a comparison between the Transform and the Epic 4G. He finds that while the Transform has some extra features uncommon on mid-range devices, it also has "ho-hum performance" and some "annoyances to boot."

Review: Samsung Transform Review, Sean Hollister, Oct. 15, 2010

4. offers various tests and performance ratings to show that while the Transform isn't high-end, it is a good choice for the average user interested in a mid-range device.

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Awarding the Transform 4 out of 5 stars, Jen Edwards enjoys the smartphone's call quality, battery life and "excellent" keyboard, but warns that it is "thicker and heavier" than some smartphones and has a "barely adequate" camera.

Review: Samsung Transform Review, Jen Edwards, Nov. 9, 2010

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