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Sanyo Taho

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November 2011
by ConsumerSearch

Taho is a rugged phone with basic features

  • Durable
  • Good navigation array
  • Large, raised keys
  • Good battery life
  • No music or video player
  • Abundance of bloatware
  • No push-to-talk
  • Mixed call quality
  • No social networking features
  • Slow web browser
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Sprint's Sanyo Taho is a military-grade phone capable of withstanding extreme abuse, as experts' tests prove. However, it has very little to offer in terms of features. As CNET's Kent German says: "Though the exterior of the Taho is unique, its insides are fairly ordinary."'s Eric Zeman criticizes its lack of social networking features heavily, believing that leaves the phone "out of the modern era."

Experts say the Taho is bulky and heavy with, especially with the rubber padding around the edges, but they agree that the phone's size is acceptable for a rugged device. Experts subject the phone to numerous torture tests -- PCMag's Jamie Lendino runs over his with a car three times -- but only the reviewers at managed to break their Taho.

Reviewers describe the Taho's 2-inch display as small, but agree that it's sharp and easy to read, even in direct light. CNET's German says its "navigation array has one of the best designs" he's seen in a while. The keypad, with its raised keys and good tactile feedback also gets good reviews. However, reviewers do have some complaints. Call quality receives mixed reviews, and the absence of push to talk functionality doesn't sit well with experts. Messaging on the Taho is basic: threaded SMS and MMS capability. The WAP browser loads slowly, and Lendino says its 3G connection isn't particularly fast.

The Taho doesn't have a real media player, although's editors note that music and video could be played from the file manager. The camera is a basic 2-megapixel shooter, which reviewers say takes decent images, but poor video. Lendino criticizes the abundance of bloatware, and Zeman says Taho's GPS barely works. Experts' tests peg the phone's talk time at around six hours and 30 minutes, which is more than its rated talk time. and CNET post in-depth reviews of the Sanyo Taho; the latter criticizes the phone more than the former does.'s review is a short, but comparative look at the device.'s review is generously illustrated with images.

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Eric Zeman says Sprint and Sanyo are aiming for a very particular market with the Taho -- people who are looking for rugged phones -- and nothing else. Still, the lack of social networking features on the phone is one of Zeman's biggest complaints. He also says the clamshell's hinge comes loose over time.

Review: Review: Sanyo Taho, Eric M. Zeman, Dec. 20, 2010


Kent German likes the phone's simple and rugged design, saying the bulky form factor offers a "cool retro appeal." The display is smaller than he'd like, but it has a good resolution.

Review: Sanyo Taho (Sprint), Kent German, Jan. 3, 2011


Like other sources, editors at subjected their phones to numerous abuse tests. While other reviewers' phones survived,'s died after being run over by a car while lying in the snow.

Review: Sanyo Taho Review, Editors of, Dec. 23, 2010


The Taho's lack of push-to-talk capabilities and the mediocre call quality will "turn Nextel fans off," Jamie Lendino says. However, he adds that the phone's form factor is "perfect for dirty construction sites." Its video recording capability, he says, is "useless," as it can only capture videos of the "thumbnail-sized variety."

Review: Sanyo Taho (Sprint), Jamie Lendino, Jan. 5, 2011

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