Maytag M1200 PSA4BI iQ Drive Review

June 2015
by ConsumerSearch
Maytag M1200 PSA4BI iQ Drive Review

Maytag Central Air Conditioner

  • SEER up to 24.5
  • Extremely quiet
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Excellent warranty
  • More expensive than most
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Bottom line

The Maytag M1200 PSA4BI iQ Drive is both efficient and quiet. It can achieve a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of up to 25.5, while running at a whisper-quiet 59 decibels. It's also backed by a 12-year warranty, with a replacement guarantee for compressor failures. This unit is pricey, however, and reviews suggest performance can be compromised by a poor installation

Breaking it down


Very efficient. Though it doesn't appear on the list of Energy Star Most Efficient central air systems for 2015, the Maytag PSA4BI is up among the best in energy costs nonetheless with SEER ratings of up to 25.5 and EER ratings of up to 15. It's Energy Star Qualified and meets CEE Tier 3 standards in all sizes. Like the Dave Lennox Signature XC25, a modulating compressor that delivers just the cooling capacity needed to meet thermostat settings is a key factor in its performance. That operation also works to lower humidity, and the IQ Drive controller can be set for humidity levels of between 35 percent and 70 percent. Expect energy savings of 50 percent to 60 percent over systems that are just 10 to 15 years old, say the experts at Keep that in mind to avoid too much sticker shock when pricing out the system: "This unit is expensive, and that should be expected with the leading edge technology and very high efficiency," notes.


Smart and silent The Maytag iQ drive system allows the parts of the cooling system to work together for best performance. The thermostat doesn't have Internet capabilities, but is programmable and can be set for multiple events for each day of the week. It will also remind you about required maintenance and provide diagnostic info should something unexpected come up. Its low noise levels are helped along by a number of design touches, including a compressor blanket, swept wing fan blades and a sound-absorbing base.

Maintenance and repair

Terrific warranty, but make sure the installation is done right. The Maytag M1200 comes with a great warranty. In addition to covering all parts for 12 years, rather than the standard 10, Maytag promises to replace the entire unit if the compressor fails during that 12-year period. Like most air conditioner warranties, this does not cover labor costs, and it does require you to register your product. User feedback on reliability is limited and mixed. Some posting at say that they had trouble finding a qualified service person to repair their Maytag central air conditioners. Others note that finding the right installer to begin with is the key to satisfaction. agrees, saying "The reality is, a poor installation job can turn this innovative and efficient AC into a 14 SEER run of the mill air conditioner." Long term reliability isn't addressed at as Maytag is not among the brands surveyed by that site.

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Maytag M1200 PSA4BI iQ Drive Reviews


The Maytag PSA4BI iQ Drive M1200 Air Conditioner lands in second place in this list of the best central air systems of 2015 at Editors note that Maytag has pushed the technology envelope with systems like this one, and then backs it with "one of the better warranties in the industry." Elsewhere on the site, the editors provide a brief overview of the system.

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Richard Reed provides thumbnail sketches of select models of most central air conditioner brands. The Maytag PSA4BI is among those, and earns a 5-star rating compared to other "Ultimate" high-end systems. He notes the durability of the construction and the noise suppression features, and adds that the warranty is "very good."

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3. has just over 30 reviews here for Maytag air conditioners, and only two that specifically mention the Maytag M1200. Complaints overshadow praise, but several reviewers say that a proper installation by a qualified installer is really the key to satisfaction.

Review: Consumer Reviews of MAYTAG Central Air Conditioners, Contributors to, As of June 2015

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