Greenworks 20092B

  • Small, lightweight
  • Battery holds charge well
  • Must remove oil after use
  • Not for large trees

Bottom line

The Greenworks 20092B's 10-inch bar can't handle very thick trees, but owners say it's an excellent choice for trimming limbs or small trees up to 6 inches. Some do use it for larger jobs, but must cut around the tree carefully because of the short bar. Battery life and portability are both impressive, although this model leaks bar oil when not in use.


Best for brush, small-diameter trees. It may not be up to felling very large trees, but the 10-inch bar on the Greenworks 20092B is great for handling large brush and trees up to 6 inches wide, users say. A few even take down 10-inch trees by cutting around them. "I just cut up some firewood with this (maybe 20 linear feet of 3-4" diameter tree limbs) and it performed very well," says one poster.

Battery life is called impressive, with one owner saying he cut two car loads of limbs a few inches in diameter as well as smaller trunk pieces of up to about 10 inches, and the saw showed three of four bars of battery power remaining.


A compact, portable saw. Although the Greenworks 20092B poses all the inherent hazards of any chainsaw, reviewers say its light weight and small size make it very easy to use. They also like that you can simply put it down while you clear away cut brush, instead of worrying about having to restart a gas saw. There's a safety switch to prevent unwanted start-ups and the usual hand guard for extra protection.

However, this saw's biggest risk may be to your workbench or floor. If you don't empty the bar-oil reservoir after every use, it will continue to seep oil.

Ease of use

Longest battery life. The Greenworks 20092B automatically oils its own chain. In fact, users warn that it goes through oil very quickly and will continue to seep oil when not in use. Keep a close eye on the reservoir, refilling it every 20 to 45 minutes, and empty it after each use.

The chain tensioner isn't automatic, but reviewers say its no-tool, quick-adjust knob is simple to operate. Battery life is a definite high point; almost every owner says the 20092B lasts for at least 4 hours.

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