Husqvarna 440E

  • Very fast
  • Powerful
  • Excellent no-tool tensioner
  • Problematic starter
  • Can stall when cold
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Bottom line

The gas-powered Husqvarna 440E's combination of fast cutting speed, power and low price make it a value that's hard to beat. It can handle up to an 18-inch bar, and owners find it light and well balanced. A few users say the starter can be problematic, but the no-tool tensioner is a hit. The saw also gets high marks for safety.


Ideal for fast work. The gas-powered Husqvarna 440E has a 40.9 cc/2.4 horsepower engine that can power up to an 18-inch cutting bar. It gets excellent scores from an independent consumer testing organization for its speed, and owners agree: "It cuts through 15-inch ash trunks like butter," posts one at

Sal Vaglica at This Old House magazine warns that the 440E may require more finesse to keep its chain from binding in larger logs, but says it handles 6- and 8-inch diameter cuts with no problem. An user says the saw "bogs down easily if you lean on it when the bar is buried." Hearing protection is recommended.


Good brakes. The Husqvarna 440E draws praise for its fast-acting chain brake. "This brake stops the chain almost instantly and either engages when the handguard is contacted or activates automatically via an inertial system," say editors at an independent consumer research organization.

However, not every owner feels completely safe operating this saw. "It scares me," writes one experienced chainsaw user who isn't confident in how well the bar is secured. Others say they have to stay on the throttle constantly to keep the engine from stalling, even while starting the saw in one notable instance. This is not the safest practice.

Ease of use

Quirky starter can be a problem. For some users, getting the Husqvarna 440E started is an insurmountable barrier. "I filled the tank, did what the instructions said, but no way will this thing start," writes one at Others say it starts just fine, but the number of complaints makes this a noteworthy concern.

On the other hand, the anti-vibration handle provides noticeable comfort over long work periods. Most owners also agree that the no-tools chain adjuster "works like magic," in the words of one poster.

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