Worx WG303

  • Powerful
  • Zero emissions
  • Auto chain tensioning, oiling
  • Low-maintenance
  • Cord restricts range
  • Goes through oil quickly
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Bottom line

Reviewers say the Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw is light, well balanced and surprisingly powerful. You have to haul an extension cord around with you, but in return you get a muscular, relatively quiet saw with auto chain tensioning and oiling, plus a low-kickback chain and "virtually instantaneous" chain brake. The WG303.1 has a few hang-ups, however: It goes through oil very quickly and wood chips tend to jam in the ejection port.


Great power for an electric saw. Many users who post comments at Amazon.com and HomeDepot.com are impressed by how well the Worx WG303.1's 14.5 amp, 3.5 horsepower motor compares to that of a gas-powered chainsaw. Although it has only a 16-inch bar, the saw repeatedly cuts through logs of 8 to 15 inches with no problem, they say.

Independent testers agree that the WG303.1 is "well-suited for light work, cutting as quickly as the light-duty gas models we tested." It's also much quieter than a gas chainsaw, but hearing protection is still recommended.


Almost too safe. The Worx WG303.1 comes with an impressive array of safety features including a low-kickback chain and a quick-stop safety brake. An independent consumer testing organization gives it a "very good" score for safety, and owners say at Amazon.com that when engaged, the chain brake is "virtually instantaneous." The saw also stops very quickly if you cut the power.

An end guard is notably absent. Some reviewers miss this feature, which would prevent dirt from accumulating under the guard or around the chain.

Ease of use

A convenient tool. The Worx WG303.1 comes assembled out of the box with an auto-tensioning chain and an auto oiler. Although a few owners say the auto-tensioner can be finicky, most say it's fine and that manual adjustments are easy to make with the oversize knob. The auto-oiler, on the other hand, tends to go through oil quickly; several users say you'll need more than the manufacturer provides to get through your first job. A few also warn that wet wood chips can jam in the ejection port, causing the chainsaw to switch off unless you clean it regularly.

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