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Cheap Laptops: Ratings of Sources

Total of 19 Sources
1. PCMag.com
As of January 2014
Laptops & Notebooks
by Editors of PCMag.com
Our AssessmentPCMag.com evaluates a huge number of laptops, including many retail configurations available at stores such as Best Buy or Staples. Reviews aren't overly long, but they are balanced and based on hands-on testing. You can sort the reviews to find inexpensive laptops that have earned an Editors' Choice award.
2. Laptop Magazine
As of January 2014
Laptop Reviews Search
by Editors of Laptop Magazine
Our AssessmentLaptop Magazine also reviews many laptops in detail. Reports are comprehensive and hands-on, and performance is compared to close competitors. Editors' Choices are named, but cheap laptops rarely qualify. However, ratings have enough variety to make it easy to identify best choices.
As of January 2014
by Editors of CNET
Our AssessmentCNET's laptop reviews are balanced, reasonably detailed and backed by testing. Fewer inexpensive models are evaluated of late, however, and most earn no better than average ratings.
4. Computer Shopper
As of January 2014
Laptop Reviews
by Editors of ComputerShopper.com
Our AssessmentComputerShopper.com is a prolific reviewer of laptops, and its editors are evaluating more budget laptops these days. Tests are thorough and each laptop is rated on a 5-point scale. The best laptops earn Editors' Choice and various other awards. This website does a particularly great job of explaining which kind of user would want each laptop. It's hard to find the best laptops quickly, though; you have to read each review to see the ratings.
5. ConsumerReports.org
Not dated
Laptop Ratings and Reliability
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org evaluates more cheap laptops than any other source. Testing is unbiased, and each laptop is rated for ergonomics, portability, performance, versatility, display, touch-screen quality (if applicable) and overall. Editors also examine battery life and rate the reliability of eight popular brands. Each laptop gets an individual write-up, but these are very brief; you won't learn all the ins and outs of a particular laptop here.
6. Notebook Check.net
As of January 2014
by Editors of NotebookCheck.net
Our AssessmentNotebookCheck.net writes some of the most detailed laptop reviews available. Each model is rated in a dozen subcategories -- including workmanship, keyboard, mouse, connectivity, weight, battery, display and more -- then assigned a weighted average rating. Some of the laptops reviewed aren't sold in the U.S.
7. PC Advisor
Dec. 13, 2013
14 Best Budget Laptops of 2014
by David Court
Our AssessmentThis U.K. site thoroughly tests laptops, with the best budget models included in this roundup. Links lead to full reviews that include ratings for build quality, features, value and overall. Some of the laptops listed aren't available in the U.S., and a few others are discontinued.
8. PC World
As of January 2014
by Editors of PCWorld
Our AssessmentPCWorld covers fewer budget-priced laptops than our higher-rated sources. Although the reviews themselves aren't the meatiest, editors' conclusions are backed by solid testing and each laptop is rated on a 5-star scale. Editors name the best laptops in several categories -- business, all-purpose and more – and include some budget picks.
9. Engadget.com
As of January 2014
Latest Reviews
by Editors of Engadget.com
Our AssessmentEngadget.com's long, in-depth reviews are chock-full of observation, commentary and model comparisons. No ratings are given, but closing comments leave no doubt as to what a reviewer thinks about a particular notebook. Laptop reviews are intermixed with evaluations of other technology products, and relatively few cheap laptops have been reviewed of late.
10. Laptop Magazine
March 8, 2013
Best and Worst Notebook Brands 2013
by Editors of Laptop Magazine
Our AssessmentTo find the best laptop brands, editors look at eight criteria, giving the most weight to how each brand scores in Laptop Magazine's own laptop reviews. They also consider design, keyboard/touchpad quality, tech support, display/audio quality, value and selection, innovation and the quality of software each brand pre-loads onto its laptops.
11. PCMag.com
Feb. 20, 2013
Readers' Choice Awards 2013 Winners: Laptops and Desktops
by Ben Gottesman
Our AssessmentEach year PCMag.com asks readers which tech products they like best and find most reliable. In the laptop category, three brands win: Apple, Asus and Samsung. Toshiba gets an honorable mention.
12. Laptop Magazine
Oct. 21 , 2013
Tech Support Showdown 2013: Winners and Losers
by Mark Spoonauer and Editors of Laptop Magazine
Our AssessmentFor this report, testers go undercover to find out which laptop brand has the best customer service. They ask two common questions -- such as how to set up a new user account and how to connect Bluetooth speakers to a laptop -- via phone, then pose one question unique to the brand in question. Nine brands earn letter grades. Sony earns an A to win the test, just edging out Apple, which earns an A-minus.
13. Wired
As of January 2014
by Editors of Wired
Our AssessmentWired reviews relatively few laptops and most are pricier models, but its editors' witty and irreverent analysis is fun to read. Each laptop is rated on a 10-point scale and the very best earn an Editors' Pick.
14. The Verge
As of January 2014
by Editors of TheVerge.com
Our AssessmentTheVerge.com publishes easy-to-read, detailed reviews brimming with analysis and benchmark testing, but editors here don't usually like cheap laptops. A few Chromebooks are profiled, however, and a best choice is identified.
15. TechRadar.com
As of January 2014
Laptops and Netbooks Rated
by Editors of TechRadar.com
Our AssessmentThis U.K. site regularly tests new laptops, including many popular U.S. models. Reviews are thorough and easy to read, although some are shorter than others. Cheap laptops tend to get low ratings, but a few earn 3.5 out of 5 stars. Some score higher and earn TechRadar.com's Recommended tag.
16. Walmart.com
As of January 2014
Laptop Computers
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com offers an impressive selection of budget-priced laptops. Owners don't hesitate to share their thoughts about purchases; many models receive more than a dozen user reviews, and some get hundreds of write-ups and ratings-only feedback. This is a great source for reviewing consumer opinions.
17. BestBuy.com
As of January 2014
All Laptops
by Contributors to BestBuy.com
Our AssessmentBestBuy.com sells a vast number of preconfigured cheap laptops. Many score 4 stars out of 5 or higher after dozens, and in some cases hundreds, of reviews. In addition to an overall rating, each model is rated by owners on factors such as value and performance, as well as a bottom-line comment on whether the reviewer would recommend that laptop to a friend.
18. NewEgg.com
As of January 2014
by Contributors to Newegg.com
Our AssessmentNewegg.com is another great source of a huge selection of laptops, including cheap models, from many manufacturers. The site's typical customers are sophisticated and opinionated computer users, which often makes this a good place to find consumer reviews of technology products. However, laptops tend to receive less feedback here than at other user review sites.
19. Amazon.com
As of January 2014
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com gives owners the opportunity to rate and comment on their laptop computers. The site is easy to use and includes lots of cheap laptops, but aside from a few Chromebooks and Windows tablets, budget models rarely garner more than a handful of reviews.
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