DeWalt DW378GK

Best heavy-duty circular saw.

  • Durable
  • Three-year warranty
  • No oil changes
  • Bevels up to 50 degrees
  • Some reports of durability problems

The 7.25-inch DeWalt DW378GK is a hypoid saw with the motor mounted behind the blade. This makes for better cutting-line visibility and less risk of kickback. The DeWalt weighs 13 pounds, but that's considered light for this type of circular saw-- and unlike similar worm-drive saws, it requires no oil changes. Experts say the added weight can even be an advantage when sawing sheet stock on a horizontal surface. Reviewers praise this saw's performance, balance, durability and convenient rafter hook. It comes with a three-year warranty, plus a 90-day "no questions asked" return option. Unless you need to saw a lot of concrete or frame houses, however, reviews recommend the lighter Milwaukee 6394-21 (*est. $160) as the best corded circular saw for most users.

The DeWalt DW378G is included in all the comparison reviews of worm-drive and hypoid circular saws we found. The most recent such review is at, but the tests at Tools of the Trade magazine, Consumer Reports, the Journal of Light Construction and are also quite thorough. These professional reviews are well-balanced by about three dozen owner-written reviews at, many of which cover usage over longer periods of time.

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Our Sources

1. Fine Homebuilding

Editors say the DeWalt DW378G is the easiest heavy-duty circular saw to use if you're used to a sidewinder saw, and praise the blade guard as faultless, but criticize the top handle and overall balance. Tests find the DeWalt has zero kick, but less power than models that do kick; the top pick here is the Skil Mag SHD77M.

Review: Testing Worm Drive Saws: Tool Review, Scott Grice, Jan. 2008

2. Tools of the Trade

The relatively lightweight DeWalt DW378GK gets top ranking in this comparison review of nine wormdrive and hypoid circular saws, based on tests both in the shop and at job sites. The DeWalt earns special praise for its ergonomics, power, blade guard and light weight -- plus the fact that it doesn't need oil changes.

Review: WormDrives/Hypoids, Michael Davis, Sept. 2005


This review compares and ranks 32 circular saws, including the DeWalt DW378G, based on objective tests of cutting speed and power -- plus ratings of construction quality and ease of use.

Review: Circular Saws, Editors of Consumer Reports, Jan. 2008

4. Journal of Light Construction

A professional framing company tests five worm-drive saws at job sites, concluding that the DeWalt DW378G is the overall favorite -- earning praise for its light weight, balance and excellent blade guard.

Review: Tool Test: Sidewinder Circ Saws, Steve Veroneau, Nov. 2004


A professional team of builders reports on use of nine 7.25-inch saws on job sites for two weeks. Though two Porter-Cable sidewinder saws get top ranking here, the DeWalt DW378G hypoid saw is praised for ease of handling.

Review: Circular Saws - Reviews, Bob Miller


About three dozen owners review the DeWalt DW378G circular saw here, with most reviews praising its power, balance, speed and relatively light weight. Durability gets mixed reviews, with some owners reporting long use over several years, while others report problems.

Review: DeWalt DW378G Reviews, Contributors to

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