Box for Business

Est. $15 per user per month for 1 TB
May 2014
by ConsumerSearch

Best cloud storage for small business

  • Generous 1 TB storage plan
  • Excellent collaboration and app options
  • Document editing and user management controls
  • No free storage
  • Not compatible with Linux

Bottom line

Box for Business offers more than just storage by making sharing and editing files easy for small businesses. The service lets you edit and easily share documents on desktop or mobile devices and will automatically save changes in the cloud, even if they're made on a hard drive. While there's no free storage, at $15 per user per month for 1 TB, their prices aren't unreasonable.

Ease of use

A leader in cloud business storage. Founded in 2005, Box is one of the more established and well-known cloud storage service providers; its clients include over 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies. The company carved out its niche in the enterprise market, and its tiered and tailored plans are a boon to small businesses, reviewers say. Box for Business offers a multitude of features, apps and ample storage -- its breadth and depth are both the service's strength and weakness. Box is more about collaboration than storage, allowing small businesses to work on documents together in the cloud or on their computers. As a result, the service offers much more than just storage and is slightly more complex than competitors such as Dropbox for Business (Est. $15 per user per month with a minimum of five users; unlimited storage) or Microsoft OneDrive for Business (Est. $2.50 per user per month for 25 GB per user; 20 cents for each additional GB).


Collaboration and syncing, even on hard drives. Requiring at least three registered users, Box for Business is a good choice for small businesses because its tools enable teams to work on documents both in the cloud and offline. In addition to allowing editing and saving in apps' third-party programs like Microsoft Office in the cloud, users can also amend documents on their hard drives and still have the changes synced to the cloud. Box for Business offers mobile access (by sending a link to the cloud file), apps for many platforms (including one tailored for Windows 8) and full-text search. You can also lock files or restrict who can access or edit a document, and up to 50 previous versions are stored.


Three choices for businesses. Box for Business is priced at $15 per user per month, and allows collaboration and management of documents. At least three users must be signed up, so small businesses should budget at least $45 a month, for 1 TB of storage; individual files can't exceed 5 GB. For smaller groups, the Starter plan (Est. $5 per user per month) offers 100 GB of storage and a 2 GB maximum for individual files. It can be used for one to 10 users, but doesn't offer as many perks as the Box for Business plan, like user management. The Enterprise plan (Est. $35 per user per month) provides unlimited storage for files up to 5 GB, along with more features like security reporting and mobile security controls.

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