Crashplan Unlimited Review

Updated May 31, 2014
Crashplan Online Backup

Critics give Crashplan Unlimited high marks because you can back data up to three different locations -- online, to an external hard drive and to another computer -- which provides better security for your data. It's also available for Linux as well as Windows and Mac.

Ease of useProsLocal and online backup, Unlimited file versioning, Unlimited storageConsBackup only allowed from one computer, Backups take up large amount of bandwidth


No file syncing. Crashplan Unlimited runs quietly and continuously in the background, backing up your files to an external hard drive and/or another computer in addition to online. You can even send your files to a friend's computer (or any other Internet-connected computer) as long as he or she has a Crashplan account. You can also upload files of any size -- a rarity among cloud storage providers. Crashplan Unlimited is an online backup and storage service however -- files are backed up from one computer, but there's no syncing between devices or collaborative or editing features. Unlimited file-versioning is a boon if you ever want to restore a previous revision of a file that you've long since written over, and Crashplan protects your data with 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Like SOS Online Backup (Est. $3.50 per month), Crashplan never truly deletes your data, enabling you to recover long-deleted files easily.


Unlimited storage. Reviewers say that Crashplan is a great value, giving you unlimited storage for a single PC or Mac for just $6 a month or $60 a year -- less than any other online backup service that provides unlimited storage. The major limitation is that data can only be backed up from one computer; if you have multiple machines, the Family plan (Est. $14 per month or $150 per year) offers unlimited space for two to 10 computers. Those looking for lots of cheap cloud storage with more collaborative features can consider our Best Reviewed Cheap Cloud Storage service Google Drive (15 GB free; $2 per month for 100 GB; $10 per month for 1 TB).

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Crashplan comes out the clear winner in this comparative review. Josh Norem tests and analyzes Crashplan and Backblaze for features, pricing, support, restore options and ease of use. The two tie in pricing, but Crashplan wins every other category.


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Crashplan lands at the top of's list of online backup services thanks to the strength and flexibility of its software combined with its high-value pricing plans. Crashplan's strong encryption, speed and ease of use are praised and highlighted as well.


5 Online Backup Services Keep Your Data Safe, Brian Nadel, Feb. 6, 2012's Brian Nadel finds a lot to like about Crashplan's cloud storage service, including its unlimited file versioning, Linux support and the ability to back up the operating system. However, his tests showed Crashplan to have the slowest upload speeds by far, which ends up costing it the crown to Mozy.

4. Macworld

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Leah Yamshon awards Crashplan+ (an earlier version of Crashplan Unlimited) an impressive 4.5 out of 5 for its ease of use, clean interface and customization options. She also praises the way that the iOS app and the Mac software work together. She says, however, that the initial backup can be slow.