iDrive Review

Updated May 31, 2014

IDrive offers more features than basic online backup services like MozyHome (Est. $6 per month for 50 GB) or Carbonite (Est. $60 per year for unlimited storage) , but reviewers prefer SOS Online Backup (Est. $60 per year for unlimited storage) , which offers even more, but remains simple to use. With a new interface, IDrive is easier to navigate. Its setup is straightforward as, once installed, IDrive begins automatically backing up common files -- documents, pictures and video files -- although you can customize when and what IDrive backs up.

Ease of UseProsRich features, Timeline Restore featureConsSome find it too complicated, No unlimited storage options


"I'm really impressed with the changes IDrive has made in their service, especially in the improved Web interface," Michael Muchmore writes at However, Muchmore prefers SOS Online Backup (an Editors' Choice winner at, which he says "still offers a solution that's both simpler and more complete." Customer support is standard, with email, live chat and phone support and an online database of information.


One account: unlimited access. Once installed, IDrive begins automatically backing up common files -- documents, pictures and video files -- although you can customize when and what IDrive backs up. IDrive also saves up to 30 previous versions of each file. You can manage multiple accounts and retrieve your data from any computer or share files with others. IDrive is compatible with Macs, PCs, and Android and Apple phones and tablets. You can back up unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices to a single account.

Most reviewers are impressed with IDrive's array of features. Besides drag-and-drop support for restoring files, the IDrive software allows you to search for particular files within any backup set. IDrive also has an unusual Timeline Restore feature that can restore your data to how it was on any given date. Backups can occur at fixed time intervals, or you can opt for continuous backups, so any changes you make are saved immediately. Thumb drives and external hard drives can also be backed up.


Refer friends for bonus storage. IDrive offers a basic account, which gives you 5 GB of free storage with no credit card required. If you have this plan, you can refer friends to the service and receive extra free storage; Dropbox also offers this. If your needs change and you need more space, opt for the Pro Personal plan and choose 150 GB for $50 per year, 500 GB for $150 per year or a full 1,000 GB for $300 per year.

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Like other reviewers,'s Tim Fisher finds IDrive's interface to be less polished than other services'. However, advanced features -- including server and network storage support and continuous backup -- earn it the last slot on the site's list of the 26 best online backup services.