Est. $6 per month for 50 GB
May 2014
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MozyHome Unlimited

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Unintrusive backups, fast local backups
  • Strong security features
  • Stash feature adds syncing capabilities
  • Unlimited storage plans eliminated
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Bottom Line

While experts are disappointed the MozyHome eliminated its unlimited storage plans, most still name it as the best online backup service for most personal users. MozyHome is flexible, highly customizable and easy to set up. It's compatible with PCs and Macs, with Android and iOS apps available for photo viewing and secure file access. An app for the Kindle Fire is also available.

Ease of Use

Simple and straightforward. Reviewers say MozyHome is a great choice for those who want a simple backup solution. The latest version of MozyHome has earned accolades for its ease of use and fast uploads. Reviewers report that MozyHome's interface is sleeker and more intuitive than ever before, and it supports all previous functionality. MozyHome advertises that its customer support is entirely U.S.-based, with knowledgeable representatives available 24/7, 365 days a year. Enter through the Mozy Support Portal on their website to find video tutorials, community forums and knowledge base articles. Live chat is available only to customers with paid subscriptions, and only people who subscribe to the MozyPro plan have access to phone support.


Backs up to external hard drive. The latest version of MozyHome provides automatic local backup to an external hard drive (for Windows machines) in addition to online backup. The interface has been redesigned and uploads are slightly faster. The program takes advantage of system idle time to back up your files. Reviewers also like that you can pause the backup process if you're in the middle of an intensive task that needs your computer's full attention.

Mozy's Stash tool adds a synchronization service to MozyHome, a unique feature for a traditional online backup service. Any files changed or added to the Stash folder on your PC or Mac immediately become available on your other computers that have Stash installed. Android and iOS apps let you access your files and upload mobile photos and videos directly to Stash.

Safety and reliability are also feathers in MozyHome's cap. The service saves file changes for 30 days and allows you to restore deleted files in the same time frame. Users can choose between two types of file encryption: Mozy-supplied 448-bit Blowfish encryption or 256-bit AES encryption with a personal key you devise yourself. File transfers to Mozy's servers use additional 128-bit SSL encryption.


Multiple storage options. Mozy eliminated its unlimited data storage options in 2011. Now, users can opt for a 50 GB, one-computer plan at a cost of $6 per month or a 125 GB, three-computer plan at $10 per month. Critics say the change has made MozyHome one of the more expensive online backup services available -- at least if you have more than 50 GB of data. If you sign up for a year, you get a free month, and you get three months free if you sign up for a two-year commitment. Additional storage is available in 20 GB chunks for $2 more per month.

Mozy also offers a free account with 2 GB of online storage, with no credit card required. Users of this free service who recommend their friends earn more storage space.

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Our Sources


In this article from, Christopher Brennan calls the MozyHome software "undeniably good." He praises its simple-to-use installation and file restoration, as well as the easily managed settings. However, he has concerns with the new (at the time) pricing structure, which does not offer unlimited backups.

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2.'s Brian Nadel examines five of the top online backup services and names MozyHome the best of the bunch overall. "It may not be perfect, but it offers a great mix of economy, security and features," he writes.

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3. gives MozyHome a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. In reviewing five online backup services, Mozy is among the highest-rated services, though the price/value part of the equation might no longer be valid following the company's pricing changes. Still, Dustin Sklavos writes, "I'd have a hard time finding a better Web-based backup option."

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4. PC Pro

MozyHome receives a Recommended award from Britain's PC Pro. Stuart Andrews says Mozy is easy to use, with a more intuitive interface than previous versions and improved file transfer speeds. "Unless you need minute-by-minute continuous backup, then, it's our cloud-based backup service of choice," he writes.

Review: Mozy Review, Stuart Andrews, March 14, 2012


MozyHome is one of several online backup services to win a perfect 5-star rating from the editors of The interface, file speeds and ease of restoration all win praise, and the editors don't find Mozy's storage limits restrictive. "Mozy's storage caps may seem like a disadvantage, but the 50 GB should be enough for most users," they write.

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Rafe Needleman states that the new file sync service, Stash, offered with Mozy online backup is flexible but a little confusing. He says that Mozy and Stash are distinct products and that you need to manage your files between them.

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Maximum PC magazine reviews several of the top online backup services, but the write-ups are more descriptive than comparative, and the publication fails to pick a best overall service -- but the conclusion for Mozy is less than glowing: "Although Mozy's current pricing seems very steep compared to others, it provides free local backup."

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MozyHome doesn't fare too well in this 2013 roundup of online backup services, coming in sixth place for Windows computers and fifth place for Mac users. The Editors of agree that MozyHome has above-average functionality but find the customer support "less effective." This review has some out-of-date information about the service.

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MozyHome lands in the fourth slot on's list of the best online backup services, behind Crashplan+, SugarSync and Backblaze. "Any exceptional backup service should be easy to use, automatic, reliable, and easy to restore from," Tim Fisher writes. "Mozy is all of these."

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10. names Crashplan the best online backup app for Windows and dedicates most of the space to that service, but Whitson Gordon says that Mozy was's favorite backup option until it raised prices and removed unlimited storage.

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MozyHome is one of the three online backup services included in a article about the ways to back up your PC data. The publication references old, outdated pricing information, however.

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