Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Bottom Line

The Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder is included in most of the professional coffee grinder roundups we saw, and is often at the top of those lists. Experts and owners all agree that it's a top performer across the board and is extremely durable. It has some ease-of-use issues, however, though the many available presets help in that regard and grind consistency is considered excellent. This model, the Vario 886, replaces the Vario 885. The two grinders are identical, the only change is the upgrade to a metal portaholder.

Pros230 grind adjustments, Small footprint, Versatile, Well-built, Good repeatabilityConsExpensive

Breaking it down


Top of the line. The Baratza Vario is a ceramic flat burr coffee grinder. Although it is a stepped grinder (meaning it has presets for grinds), experts and users say the sheer number of presets -- more than 230 -- means this performs like a stepless model. It gets top marks in professional tests and from owners for the uniformity and consistency of its grind at any setting. It's versatile too, producing fine grinds for espresso and Turkish brews, as well as coarser grinds for drip makers and French press (also known as press pot). However, there is very little hold up in the chamber -- what you put in is what you get out in ground beans

Ease of use

There is a learning curve. While the many presets on the Baratza Vario make this grinder very easy to set for grinding, it gets less positive feedback in other ease of use areas. In one professional test it received the lowest score for ease of use because of a confusing front panel. The hopper is not removable, so you have to empty it fully to change beans; you can't just swap it for another. However, the Vario is highly repeatable on any setting, reviewers say, so it doesn't need much tweaking in between grinds.


Big performance in a small package. High-end coffee grinders are often big and bulky, not so the Baratza Vario, say reviewers. Many note that it's a professional-grade grinder without either the high price or the large footprint. The grinder gets nothing but praise for its sturdy build, high-quality components and stability when in use. Experts and owners both say it will last for many years. It's covered by a one-year warranty and Baratza customer service is reported to be excellent. The Vario gets mixed reviews for its appearance, with some saying they love it, others saying it's boxy and unattractive.

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