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Mazzer Mini

*Est. $600
January 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Mazzer Mini

  • Vast number of settings
  • Commercial grade
  • Large capacity
  • Even grind
  • Overkill for casual users
  • Heavy
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Bottom Line

The Mazzer Mini, with its hefty price tag, is certainly not for everyone. Still, if you consider a coffee grinder an essential kitchen appliance, this burr coffee grinder may be your dream machine. As one user puts it, deciding between the Mazzer Mini and a mainstream model is like deciding between a Ferrari and a Kia -- they both get the job done, but what a difference between them!


Unmatched grinding precision. The Mazzer Mini is the gold standard of grinders, according to reviewers, who widely agree that it will lead to the best espresso you've ever tasted. (One user adds, however, that it's also an excellent grinder for drip coffee, too.) Owners appreciate the "floating collar" that rotates to an almost unlimited number of settings, allowing you to achieve the precise coarseness or fineness desired, and they say the grind is always consistent. Comments on include, "This is the only grinder to consider for espresso," and "The best grinder on the market, period." There are a few gripes about the price, but we found no complaints about this model's performance.

Ease of Use

Don't count on the instructions. Users say the Mazzer Mini grinds quickly and is easy to use. "No fuss, no worries," comments one reviewer. However getting up to speed can be challenging with the included instruction manual that one user describes as only marginally helpful because it is written in Italian and "broken English." There are also a few complaints about the doser -- principally that it leaks and residue tends to build inside. We also found one gripe that it can be a hassle to find your favorite settings after you've taken the unit apart for cleaning. Overwhelmingly, though, comments about using and cleaning this grinder are extremely positive.


The most solid grinder available, users say. Dan Kehn, writing for, comments that the Mazzer Mini "seems to be cast from a single piece of metal -- that's how solid it is." Kehn also says that he has tossed it in a canvas bag to take on vacation or carried it to friends' homes without boxing it up -- and it continues to perform well and look great. "With the exception of a few scratches on the hopper, you would have to inspect it closely to pick it out of a lineup of models having seen only a day or two of use," he writes. Other reviewers echo this confidence in the model's construction and durability, with one user praising its "sheer ruggedness," and another saying it will last a lifetime. The warranty on the Mazzer Mini is provided by retailers, and it generally runs one or two years.


Well proportioned and attractive. While the performance and construction of the Mazzer Mini garner the most comments, those users who do comment on the machine's appearance generally offer praise. One user calls the machine a "work of art"; another says it is "very attractive." Kehn, of, says its body is "proportioned nicely," adding that it's only 7 inches wide, so it doesn't take up a lot of counter space. He adds that it is short enough to fit (albeit snugly) on the counter beneath a kitchen cabinet.


Very quiet. While we found very few comments about the noise level of the Mazzer Mini, the majority notes that the machine is "quiet" or "very quiet." One user points out that it operates without any vibrations. We read only one complaint that the Mazzer Mini is noisy -- and that came from a user who also finds the machine overpriced and hard to clean.

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Review Credibility: Very Good About 60 coffee enthusiasts review the Mazzer Mini at, giving this commercial-grade grinder an overall rating of 9.3 out of 10, the highest overall rating of any grinder with more than 12 reviews on the website. Owners say the Mazzer Mini is the "gold standard" and "the only grinder to consider for espresso." Reviews are brief, and although some reviewers refer to small "foibles" or flaws, there are no specifics.

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2. Whole Latte Love

Review Credibility: Good About 25 owners give the Mazzer Mini an overall rating of 4.7 stars (out of 5) on Reviews are consistent with those found on, with owners saying this machine is worth the price and is quite durable. The few complaints we read report that the doser tends to leak and the instructions are less than helpful because they are written in Italian and "broken English."

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Review Credibility: Good This detailed review of the Mazzer Mini is part of an extensive analysis of high-end espresso grinders by Dan Kehn. He praises the Mazzer Mini for its solid construction and accurate calibration; he says most owners report that they don't have to alter the grind adjustment more than half an inch from initial factory settings. His review is anecdotal from personal experience with the model.

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