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Trek Soho S

MSRP: $620
July 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Trek Soho S

  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Lightweight frame
  • No fenders, racks or lights
  • Some riders don't like the pedals
  • Only one gear

For commuters who want a simple comfort bike for riding to work, the Trek Soho S receives high marks. It's a single-speed bike, which can be good or bad, depending on where you live. Single-speed commuter bikes are easier to maintain and are usually less expensive than multigear bikes, but they are limited to relatively flat terrain (because you can't shift to a lower gear for hills). Reviewers say the Trek Soho S is speedy and fun to ride. On a negative note, the bike doesn't come with many commuting accessories -- there are no racks, fenders or lights, but you can add your own. In addition, some owner-written reviews indicate that the pedals are poorly designed and don't provide a good foot position. Overall, however, most reviewers like the Trek Soho S and say it's a great commuter bike. It also weighs quite a bit less than most comfort bikes. If you need more gearing power for hills, reviewers say the Fuji Absolute 3.0 (MSRP: $600) is a good hybrid bike for hilly or long commutes.

Professional reviewers have yet to test the 2011 Trek Soho S, so the best source of information comes from user reviews on the Trek website. Bicycling magazine covered the 2009 Trek Soho S in its annual buyer's guide, just keep in mind that components may have changed.

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Our Sources


More than 80 owners comment on the Trek Soho S at Most users are happy with the lightweight bike, saying it is very durable and sturdy for commuting. However, some critics wish for higher-quality components.

Review: Trek Soho S, Contributors to, As of July 2011

2. Bicycling Magazine

Christine Mattheis at Bicycling magazine calls the 2009 Trek Soho S "simply spectacular." The bike earns high marks for keeping things simple, including the stylish design and single-speed drivetrain. Overall, Mattheis says the Trek Soho S is "fast and fun to ride," but she doesn't recommend it for hilly commutes.

Review: Trek Soho S, Christine Mattheis, Feb. 2009


Carl Winfield at calls the 2009 Trek Soho S one of the "best bikes for your budget." The low-key design gets high marks for style, and the lightweight frame and single-speed gearing get kudos as well.

Review: The Best Bikes for Your Budget, Carl Winfield, Jan. 29, 2009

4. has only a handful of reviews for the Trek Soho S. The low-key ghosted graphics earn a lot of praise, but reviewers acknowledge that some of the components could use an upgrade.

Review: Trek Soho S, Contributors to

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