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Fax Machines Updated May 23, 2017
Internet Security Software Updated May 21, 2017
Bluetooth Speakers Updated May 17, 2017

Not everyone needs a dedicated fax machine, but if you do one of these Brother models will be your best bet. We cover the top options, from a cheap, light-duty fax for home users to a heavy-duty workhorse for the busiest of offices.

If you are worried about WannaCry, other ransomware, or any of the other threats lurking on line, Kaspersky Total Security has you covered. Avast is the top choice for mobile devices, and it's free.

If the sound quality of your music matters, it's tough to beat the Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker for at home, wire-free listening. For listening on the road, Bose is best.

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