GE Profile PHP900DMBB Review

Est. $1,700
September 2014
by ConsumerSearch
GE Profile PHP900DMBB

Best induction cooktop

  • Heats quickly
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Simple controls
  • Requires magnetic cookware
  • Some durability complaints

Bottom line

The 30-inch GE Profile PHP900DMBB is easy to recommend as one of the best induction cooktops you can buy. It is feature packed, stylish and a top performer -- bringing a full pot of water to a boil in less than two minutes in one test. Keep in mind, however, that it might not work with some of your existing cookware -- a shortcoming of all induction cooktops. The PHP900DMBB is a black ceramic cooktop; the same cooktop is available with stainless-steel trim as the GE Profile PHP900SMSS (Est. $1,800)

Breaking it down


Fast as fast can be. No cooktop heats faster than an induction cooktop, and the GE Profile PHP900DMBB is an absolute speed demon. looks at the stainless-steel-trimmed version and reports that all four heating elements could boil water in less than five minutes, while the 11-inch right-front element (rated at 3,700 watts) took six cups of water from room temperature to boiling in just two minutes. Low heat performance is just as impressive. Another professional test reports excellent results in melting and holding chocolate without scorching, or holding tomato sauce just below boiling. Owners seem just as happy, though some caution that there's a learning curve to mastering the finer points of induction cooking. Keep in mind that induction cooktops require cookware made of magnetic material, such as cast iron or stainless steel.

Features and design

Nicely equipped, minimally designed. The GE Profile PHP900DMBB has four heating elements that range in size from 6 to 11 inches, each with 19 distinct power settings. Maximum power ratings range from 1,800 watts for the 6-inch center element to 3,700 watts for the 11-inch right-side element. All have a pan presence sensor that adjusts to different pan sizes, and turns off the element if you forget to. Control is via a touchpad, and reviewers judge that it's nicely straightforward to use. calls the design "Tastefully restrained." James Aitchison adds: "Like other appliances that wear the GE Profile badge, the PHP900SMSS features a simple and sleek transitional aesthetic that will fit in both traditional and modern kitchens." He adds one caveat that's specific to the stainless-steel trimmed PHP900SMSS he looks at: the stainless-steel edge is raised, so, while it will contain spills better than some cooktops, it could make cleaning more of a challenge. Aitchison reminds his readers that since induction does not heat up the cooktop itself, stains and spills are less likely to burn on. "If anything does spill, just be sure to avoid any abrasive cleaners and you should be able to maintain the surface's glossy sheen," he adds. That's echoed in most user reviews, but like most smoothtop cooktops, we see a minority of reviewers that find cleanup to be a chore or a challenge

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Our Sources

1. rates about 10 induction cooktops, including the GE Profile PHP900DMBB. Each cooktop is tested for its performance on both high and low heat. Nearly 20 user reviews are also available for this cooktop.

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The stainless-steel trimmed version of this induction cooktop, the GE Profile PHP900SMSS, receives a thorough going over here. A different induction cooktop takes top honors, but the PHP900SMSS isn't far behind and earns a 9.3-star rating. It is called "an excellent choice for anyone looking for an upscale cooktop with great performance and looks to match.

Review: GE Profile PHP900SMSS 30-Inch Induction Cooktop Review, James Aitchison, May 6, 2014

3. hosts nearly 100 user reviews for the GE Profile PHP900DMBB drawn from its own customers as well as those originally posting at GE's web site. Regardless of the review's source, satisfaction is high with a 4.6 star overall rating. Around 93 percent say they would recommend the cooktop to a friend. Separately, the stainless-steel-trimmed PHP900SMSS induction cooktop receives just over 30 ratings and a 4.5 star grade.

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About 55 users at give the GE Profile PHP900DMBB an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. Users praise the cooktop's fast, responsive heating and easy cleanup, and one is thrilled that the kitchen stays cooler. However, some are annoyed at the need for magnetic cookware, and we also saw a couple of reports of costly breakdowns within the first few years.

Review: GE PHP900DMBB Profile 30" Black Electric Induction Cooktop, Contributors to, As of August 2014

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