GE Profile PP945BMBB Review

Est. $1,100
September 2014
by ConsumerSearch
GE Profile PP945BMBB Review

Best electric cooktop

  • Great performance across all cooking tasks
  • Two expandable heating elements
  • Attractive design
  • Touchpad controls
  • Black ceramic glass can be a challenge to keep clean
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Bottom line

The 30-inch GE Profile PP945BMBB performs well and is feature packed. Its black ceramic glass and touchpad control panel are a stylish addition to almost any kitchen, though keeping the smoothtop showroom clean is tougher than it looks. It handles virtually any stovetop cooking task with ease. Ditto with any size cookware as two of its four heating elements are expandable. In addition to this model's basic black, you can get the same cooktop in white-on-white as the GE Profile PP945WMWW (Est. $1,100) or black with stainless-steel trim as the GE Profile PP945SMSS (Est. $1,300).

Breaking it down


In a word, excellent. That's the assessment of experts and users. One professional reviewer describes simmering as "superb" and overall heating as "brisk." Users largely agree. Even those less than 100-percent pleased with the GE Profile PP945BMBB rarely complain about cooking performance. Instead, most complain about tougher-than-expected cleaning. Like all smoothtops, spatters and splashes from everyday cooking show easily, and gentle cleansers and non-abrasive cloths have to be used to avoid scratching the glass surface. Happy users point out that lists of recommended products along with samples are included with the cooktop.

Features and design

Expandable burners. Finding expandable heating elements on a cooktop in this price range is not unusual, but finding two is. The heating-element complement on this smoothtop cooktop includes a high-power, 3,000 watt expandable heating element that goes from 6 inches to 12 inches in three steps. You'll also find a 2,400-wat "Power Boil" element that goes from 5 inches to 8 inches. The other two heating elements are 6 inches and 1,200 watts each. It's also nice to see touch panel controls in place of standard knobs. Reports say that the controls are responsive and easy to use. A child lock and surface element-on warning lights are notable safety features. The sleek look draws raves, though as noted, it can be hard to keep this cooktop showroom clean.

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The GE Profile PP945BMBB is included among the nearly 35 electric cooktops evaluated by Features are evaluated and performance is tested under various cooking tasks. Ratings and recommendations are provided, but discussion of the cooktop is very brief.

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2. has over 100 user reviews for this GE Profile cooktop spread out over its three available versions, including nearly 50 for the black GE PP945BMBB. Owners are generally a happy lot. Some questions are raised over durability, more over the fact that the smoothtop can be a challenge to keep clean without scratching the glass. Few complaints can be found over performance, however, and the PP945BMBB earns a rating of 4.2 stars. The white-on-white PP945WMWW leaves owners similarly pleased, while the stainless-steel trimmed scores a few ticks higher (4.4 stars). Note that the reviews here include those posted by users as well as those left at GE's web site.

Review: GE Model # PP945BMBB Profile 30 in. Glass Ceramic Electric Cooktop in Black with 4 Elements, Contributors to, As of August 2014

3. hosts only a handful of reviews for the GE Profile PP945BMBB, but those have the virtue of not appearing anywhere else (the feedback on many other user-review sites includes a large number that were originally posted at GE's site). Every user thus far is completely to mostly pleased, including one who faced unexpected installation issues because of the depth of the cooktop.

Review: GE - 30" Built-In Electric Cooktop - Black-on-Black Model: PP945BMBB, Contributors to, As of August 2014

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