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Cooktops: Ratings of Sources

Total of 13 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
As of July 2012
Cooktops and Wall Ovens
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org rates more than 40 gas and electric cooktops, including several induction models. Each cooktop has been tested on its speed at boiling water, its ability to melt and hold chocolate without scorching and its ability to hold tomato sauce at a steady simmer. Of the models tested, more than half are recommended, and four are named as Best Buys. Overall, electric cooktops -- especially induction models -- fare better than gas cooktops in testing. The site also includes a useful buyer's guide and a consumer survey of brand reliability.
2. Choice.com.au
Feb. 12, 2012
Induction Cooktops Review
by Chris Barnes
Our AssessmentChoice magazine is the Australian equivalent of ConsumerReports.org. Its testing methods are nearly as rigorous, although they don't test as many cooktops. This report covers a dozen or so induction cooktops. An experienced cook evaluates each cooktop's performance on high and low heat, as well as its ease of use. None of the tested models is available in the U.S., but the report does contain some useful general information on induction cooking.
3. Choice.com.au
Aug. 11, 2011
Gas Cooktops Review
by Martha Psiroukis
Our AssessmentThis report from Australian consumer magazine Choice covers about 20 gas cooktops in a wide range of prices. Testers evaluate each cooktop's ability to simmer a white sauce at low temperature, turn out fluffy white rice, cook up a stir-fry on high heat and melt chocolate. While the results are no doubt extremely useful for Australian consumers, none of the tested models is available in the U.S.
4. Choice.com.au
Aug. 1, 2011
Ceramic Cooktops Review
by Rebecca Gatto
Our AssessmentA separate report from Choice magazine editors covers about 10 ceramic (smoothtop electric) cooktops in a range of prices. While the testing is rigorous and the notes on each model are detailed, none of the cooktops is sold in the U.S.
5. J.D. Power & Associates
July 18, 2012
2012 Laundry Appliance Satisfaction Study and 2012 Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Study
by Editors of J.D. Power and Associates
Our AssessmentThis article summarizes the results of a survey of ranges, cooktops and ovens conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. More than 3,800 consumers took part, evaluating brands (but not individual models) in seven categories: overall satisfaction, performance and reliability, style, features, ease of use, warranty and price. Kenmore Elite earns first place with an overall score of 810 points out of a possible 1,000, a 19-point improvement over its score in 2011. High-end manufacturers Wolf and Viking also earn very high overall scores. Amana and Hotpoint are the worst performers, with belowaverage scores in nearly every category. Although the ratings are helpful, there's no distinction among ranges, cooktops and ovens.
6. Buzzillions.com
As of July 2012
Cooktop Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com is an online review site that compiles ratings from several online retailers, and owners can also post reviews directly on the site. Because individual sites often include only one or two owner reviews for each model, the compiled reviews here make it easier to get an idea of which cooktops owners seem to like best. Sorting through the reviews is a little tricky, since many of the items listed here are not cooktops but other appliances and accessories for the kitchen, such as range hoods. Another problem is that model numbers aren't always listed, so it isn't always clear just which cooktop is being reviewed. On the plus side, the site makes it easy to sort products by price, average rating or number of reviews received. It also provides a handy list of the most commonly cited pros and cons for each cooktop, as well as the most helpful positive and negative reviews. Because the results from this search engine overlap with those from other sources we have used, we have counted recommendations from this site only when we could not find a sufficient number of user reviews from other sources.
7. Sears.com
As of July 2012
by Contributors to Sears.com
Our AssessmentSears.com carries more than 400 cooktops on its website, but only about a third have received any reviews from users. Of those, most cooktops have just one or two ratings, and the reviews themselves are often very brief. We found only a couple of cooktops with more than 10 comments and a high overall rating: the electric Kenmore 42739 (a black version of the 42732) and the gas KitchenAid KFGS306VSS.
8. HomeDepot.com
As of July 2012
by Contributors to HomeDepot.com
Our AssessmentHomeDepot.com's selection of cooktops is somewhat limited (about 50 models altogether), and most of the cooktops sold on the site have not received many user reviews. However, we did find a few electric and gas cooktops that have each accumulated a dozen comments or more, with high average ratings. Reviews on HomeDepot.com are generally brief and vague and often duplicated at Buzzillions.com.
9. AJMadison.com
As of July 2012
Cooktops Reviews
by Contributors to AJMadison.com
Our AssessmentThis appliance retail site sells hundreds of cooktops, but most receive just one or two comments from users. However, the site's sort feature makes it easy to find the few models that have more than 10 reviews. Three gas cooktops and one electric cooktop earn recommendations from at least a dozen users. Reviews at this site are not posted at Buzzillions.com, so we have counted recommendations from both sites where applicable.
10. Lowes.com
As of July 2012
by Contributors to Lowes.com
Our AssessmentAlthough nearly 375 cooktops are available for sale at Lowes.com, the overwhelming majority receive few or no comments from users. We found only one with more than a handful of reviews: the Bosch NGM8054UC gas cooktop (the 30-inch version of the Bosch NGM8654UC), which receives a 4.5-star overall rating from about a dozen users. (Because reviews at Lowes.com do not overlap with those at Buzzillions.com, we have counted recommendations from both sources.)
11. Google Shopping
As of July 2012
by Contributors to Google Shopping
Our AssessmentLike Buzzillions.com, Google's product search is a good aggregator source for user reviews. This is especially handy with products such as cooktops, which generally do not receive a large number of reviews on any single site. A glance through the search results in Google can give a good overall picture of user opinion about a specific model. However, because the results from this search engine overlap with those from other sources we have used, we have counted recommendations from this site only when they did not overlap with reviews from other sources.
12. Viewpoints.com
As of July 2012
Best Kitchen Cooktops
by Contributors to Viewpoints.com
Our AssessmentViewpoints.com is another review site that lets consumers comment on and rate the products they buy. More than 30 cooktops are reviewed on the site, but none attract enough comments for us to draw any conclusions. However, this site is somewhat useful for seeing general brand feedback from owners.
13. Epinions.com
As of July 2012
Kitchen Cooktops
by Contributors to Epinions.com
Our AssessmentIf you're looking for a review of a specific model, Epinions.com is worth a try, although cooktops don't receive as many owner-written ratings as ranges or ovens. There are more than 400 cooktops listed here, but only about half have any user reviews, and most of those have only one or two. Still, Epinions.com might be worth checking after you've narrowed down your options to a few models.
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