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Cookware Rating Sources

Total of 12 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
As of December 2012
Kitchen Cookware
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org lists test results for 31 sets of cookware, including 16 nonstick sets. Editors cook pancakes to measure cooking evenness and clean sticky béchamel sauce to evaluate ease of cleaning. They also test the surfaces of nonstick pans by cooking four eggs in a row without adding oil between each, and they scrub the surfaces with steel wool to test their durability. This report puts special emphasis on handles, which get three separate scores for safety, comfort and sturdiness. Four nonstick and two uncoated cookware sets are recommended, while five sets receive failing scores for ease of cleaning.
2. Cook's Illustrated Magazine
May 1, 2009
Cookware Sets
by Editors of Cook's Illustrated magazine
Our AssessmentIn this review, editors narrow the wide selection of cookware on the market to six sets that offer what they consider the most usable pieces. Reviewers test the equipment with specific cooking tasks and also consider the cookware's construction, pan weight and whether the handles get hot. Three sets are recommended. This test doesn't include any nonstick cookware sets.
3. Good Housekeeping
Last updated November 2010
Cookware Reviews
by Editors of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute
Our AssessmentTesters at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute evaluate nearly 50 lines of cookware on a wide variety of kitchen tasks. (The report covers cookware lines as a whole, not specific sets.) They simmer sauces, pan-brown burgers and (for nonstick cookware) prepare eggs without fat. Editors also evaluate the cookware's construction and how easy it is to clean. Each cookware brand receives a letter grade, along with a brief summary of pros and cons. However, no brand receives a grade below a B. Also, many of the listed lines are discontinued.
4. Cooking.com
As of December 2012
Top Rated Cookware Sets
by Contributors to Cooking.com
Our AssessmentThis retail site sorts its top-rated cookware sets (those with at least 20 reviews from users and a minimum 4-star average rating) onto a single page. Among these, the cookware lines that receive the largest number of reviews are Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel, Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized and Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless. Most reviews at this site are brief, but can be sorted by date, rating and helpfulness.
5. The Wall Street Journal
June 20, 2008
Cooking Like the Stars?
by Juliet Chung
Our AssessmentJuliet Chung has professional New York chefs and one housewares design professional test five lines of celebrity chef-endorsed cookware lines (Todd English, Marcus Samuelsson, Wolfgang Puck, Rachael Ray and Emeril Lagasse). The testers try the frying pan and at least one other pan from the line, performing a variety of tasks requested by the writer. Samuelsson's line (now discontinued) performs best, but it is pricey. All the other lines have at least one major flaw. The testers say that for the best value, Lagasse's Emerilware line narrowly edges out the others.
6. Amazon.com
As of December 2012
Cookware Sets
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentNearly 2,000 cookware sets are sold at Amazon.com, and several sets receive more than 100 reviews from owners. The site helpfully shows the number of reviews and the average star rating for each product, and reviews can be sorted based on price, popularity or average score. Cuisinart is the most popular brand here, with large numbers of positive reviews for sets in the Chef's Classic Stainless, Chef's Classic Nonstick and MultiClad Pro lines. We also saw many positive reviews for Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized Cookware, a brand not widely reviewed in other sources.
7. SurLaTable.com
As of December 2012
All Cookware Sets
by Contributors to SurLaTable.com
Our AssessmentThis kitchen retailer offers about 30 different cookware sets, but most of them have not received any reviews from users. Of those that have, the only one with more than a dozen comments is the Sur La Table Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Set. Owners give this set an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, praising its value and nonstick properties. Finding the best-rated sets here is tricky, as the site lists the average star rating for each set, but not the number of reviews. Also, some of the ratings shown on the main page are inaccurate.
8. Buzzillions.com
As of December 2012
Cookware Set Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com aggregates consumer reviews from a variety of commercial retail sites, including the previously considered Macys.com and Cooking.com sites, as well as smaller retailers such as Cookware Essentials. This makes it a useful source of feedback on products that have only a few reviews at any specific site. We found several products with at least 50 reviews each, and a few with more than 100. For some products, the site also provides a handy summary of the most commonly cited pros and cons.
9. Macys.com
As of December 2012
Cookware Sets
by Contributors to Macys.com
Our AssessmentNearly 100 cookware sets are sold through Macys.com, but fewer than a dozen have a significant number of reviews with high overall ratings. Two separate sets of Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless cookware earn 4.5-star overall ratings from more than 50 users each. Cookware sets from Calphalon, Circulon and Anolon Advanced are also popular.
10. Walmart.com
As of December 2012
Cookware Sets
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com offers around 120 cookware sets for sale, and some of the most popular sets have hundreds of reviews. This is a good source of feedback for low-priced cookware sets, as nearly all of those sold here cost $250 or less. The top-rated cookware sets here, including sets by Mainstays, Tramontina and Paula Deen, are Walmart exclusives. Reviews themselves are generally short, but they include ratings for value, features, durability and appearance.
11. Williams-Sonoma.com
As of December 2012
Cookware Sets
by Contributors to Williams-Sonoma.com
Our AssessmentIn terms of price, this kitchen retailer is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Walmart.com. Prices for cookware sets here start at $350 (for a set consisting of just two pans and one lid) and go all the way up to $4,000 (for a 30-piece set of copper-core cookware). High-end brands like All-Clad and Le Creuset feature prominently here. However, few of these cookware sets receive more than a handful of reviews. The only sets we found with more than 25 reviews and 4 stars overall are exclusive to Williams-Sonoma.
12. HSN.com
As of December 2012
Cookware Sets Ratings and Reviews
by Contributors to HSN.com
Our AssessmentThis retail site is a little harder to navigate than others. Although it does show the number of reviews each product receives and its average rating, there is no way to sort or filter the feedback. However, with a little searching, you can find cookware sets here with 150 ratings or more. The most popular cookware sets here come from celebrity chef Todd English, who has partnered with GreenPan, a maker of non-stick cookware made without PTFE. However, none of these sets seems to be available from any other source.
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