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Cordless Drills: Ratings of Sources

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Cordless Drills & Tool Kits
by Editors of
Our tests, rates and ranks cordless drills, cordless screwdrivers cordless tool kits and more in this review. Owners also rate and review specific models on this site. Testing is done, but discussion is brief.
Tool Guide 2014
by Editors of Fine Woodworking & Fine Homebuilding
Our AssessmentEditors report on cordless drills, impact drivers and a host of other woodworking tools in this annual guide. Though cordless drills are discussed in general, no top choices are made. However, there is a test of 18-volt impact drivers, and top performers and best values are identified and the results of a reader survey with ratings is shared. The content is only available to paid subscribers or those who purchase this annual guide.
3. Popular Mechanics
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Tool Test: 12-Volt Impact Drivers
by Roy Berendsohn
Our AssessmentPopular Mechanics tests nine, 12-volt impact drivers by driving lag screws into a 4 x 4 board until the power gives out; a good test of both battery life and total power. The Milwaukee 2453-20 is declared to be the Best Overall while the Craftsman 17428 is the Best Value.
4. Popular Mechanics
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The Top 20V Drill Drivers, Tested
by Roy Berendsohn
Our AssessmentPopular Mechanics turns its attention to 20-volt electric drills. Thanks to their higher power, these drills "have an astonishing ability to bore and screw," says Roy Berendsohn. Evaluations are done by drilling holes, driving lag screws and looking at performance after being left in an unheated garage for several days. All of the test drills "met or exceeded our expectations for performance and value," Berendsohn notes, but the DeWALT DCD980M2 is declared Best Overall, while the Kobalt KT300A is the best value.
5. Popular Mechanics
Not Dated
12-Volt Cordless Drills: We Test 13 of the Best
by Roy Berendsohn
Our AssessmentThis older review compares light-duty cordless drills, rating each on a 5-point scale, based on hole-boring, screw-driving and battery-draining tests. The top-rated drill is discontinued, but the Porter-Cable PCL120DDC-2 remains available and earns a Best Value pick. Though other choices in this round up don't rate as highly, Roy Berendsohn says any would "make a great gift."
6. Popular Woodworking
Dec. 14, 2009
Compact 12v Drill-Drivers
by Glen Huey
Our AssessmentThis is another older, but still helpful review. It compares six 12-volt subcompact drills with conventional 3/8-inch chucks. While the top pick is discontinued (though still available from some retailers), the Best Value choice, the Hitachi DS10DFL remains current. Tests include drilling 1-inch holes to test run time and driving lag screws to test power.
7. Wood Magazine
July 2010
Tool review: Compact Power Drivers
by Editors of
Our tests compact cordless drills/screwdrivers. The full review is a paid download, but the three top choices are revealed here. One of the three is discontinued, but two remain current. All are solid choices, and the editors suggest "you choose the one that feels best in your hand."
Not Dated
Compact 12V Lithium-ion Impact Driver Roundup
by Thomas Gaige
Our AssessmentPro Tool Reviews is a tool review site "written by professionals, for professionals," but many homeowners and DIY'ers can find lots of help here as well. This review of 12-volt cordless impact drivers is testing-based, with the testing methodology better explained and detailed than at almost any other review site we saw. Almost every tool tested had qualities that could make it a good choice for certain situations, but the Milwaukee 2453-20, followed closely by the Bosch PS41, rise above the pack. The site also hosts a separate roundup of 18-volt impact drivers, however no clear winner is declared as all have pros and cons that can make any a good -- or bad -- choice depending on the circumstances and the user. Individual cordless drill/screwdriver/impact driver reviews can also be found.
9. This Old House
Not Dated
Tool Test: 12-Volt Drill/Drivers
by Sal Vaglica
Our AssessmentThis Old House tests 12-volt drills and impact drivers to find the best choices. Testing isn't extensively documented, but results are discussed. Two of the tested drills perform well enough to earn 4-star status, but one is discontinued.
June 22, 2013
The Best Drill for Common Household Projects
by Doug Mahoney
Our AssessmentDoug Mahoney, who also owns the website, spends 30 hours researching and testing cordless drills to find the one that best suited for the homeowner interested in a drill for household projects. The choice is made by consulting online reviews, than following that up with well-documented hands-on testing. A top choice and a runner up are named.
11. J.D. Power & Associates
Oct. 8, 2012
2012 Cordless Drill Satisfaction Report
by Editors of J.D. Power and Associates
Our AssessmentJ.D. Power and Associates surveys more than 1,000 customers about brand satisfaction. Factors include battery performance, drill performance, ease of use, price competitiveness, warranty and variety of features, editors say. This is J.D. Power and Associates' most recent survey of drill brand satisfaction.
12. Tools of the Trade
April 19, 2012
Tool Test: 18-Volt Drill/Drivers
by Greg DiBernardo
Our AssessmentGreg DiBernardo tests tools himself, or by sending them out with crews to jobsites. Battery run time is not initially considered in the evaluations, but is subsequently tested. Every drill/driver in this test is judged to be a "capable tool," but two compact favorites are named. The review also names two heavy-duty favorites, but both of those are discontinued.
Not Dated
Choosing the Best Impact Driver
by Editors of
Our AssessmentStaff and field editors at put 12-volt and 18-volt impact drivers through several weeks of testing before selecting six favorites. The top-rated impact driver is discontinued, but some of the other five Editors' Choice selections remain available.
As of September 2014
Drill Drivers
by Contributors to
Our sells cordless drills and drivers from several major brands and makes the owner ratings and reviews easy to browse. When you sort the list by average rating, you can see the number of reviews on which the average rating is based -- important for judging its significance. You can also sort the list to see the best-selling tools. This page lists drill drivers; impact drivers also appear, but have their own separate page as well.
As of September 2014
Power Tools
by Contributors to
Our publishes owner ratings and reviews of the cordless drills and impact drivers it sells. Some of the higher-priced models haven't accumulated enough reviews to make their average ratings significant, but lots of drills, drivers and combo kits stand out for high ratings based on dozens if not hundreds of reviews, though the numbers sometimes includes reviews from manufacturer sites.
As of September 2014
Cordless Handheld Power Tools
by Contributors to
Our is another popular destination for cordless tools, including drills, impact drivers and screwdrivers. Many national brands are carried. In addition, it's the only source where you can find a significant number of user reviews for Craftsman brand cordless tools. Most tools don't receive more than a handful of reviews, but others get a hundred, or more.
As of September 2014
Power Tools
by Contributors to
Our is another good destination for user reviews. Many makers are represented and, while some cordless tools get only a smattering of reviews, others get hundreds, so it is easy to see which ones perform the best. Hitachi, Bosch and DeWalt tools seem to score highest. As with, some reviews are reprinted from manufacturer sites.
Not Dated
Cordless Drills
by Chris Baylor
Our AssessmentChris Baylor, the woodworking expert for, doesn't review a lot of cordless drills, but he has some good insights regarding the tools he reviews. While we didn't spot any comparative round ups, the hands-on tests here are balanced and competent.
As of September 2014
Cordless Drills
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentRetailer site is a good place to see owners' ratings and reviews of pro-level cordless drills, impact drivers and combo kits across a wide range of prices and sizes, including subcompact models. The site also asks owners whether they would recommend the model to a friend. DeWalt and Milwaukee are favorite brands here.

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