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AT&T SL82318

*Est. $75 with three handsets
November 2012
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AT&T SL82318

  • Expandable up to 12 handsets
  • Very good voice quality
  • Long range
  • Voice mail indicator
  • Abundant handset battery life
  • Some phones die prematurely
  • Handset volume control inconveniently placed
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The bottom line

The AT&T SL82318 cordless phone/answerer combines long range, expandability up to 12 handsets (three are included) and the longest talk time many reviewers have seen. Experts and users also praise its voice clarity, which combined with its other attributes makes the phone an excellent choice if you live in a large house or want to use a cordless phone outdoors.


Terrific range, but a flat design doesn't work for all. The phone's range wins the most praise from users, with one reporting it extends at least 200 to 300 feet. The sound quality is also clear, reviewers say, and static isn't an issue. Like all DECT phones, interference with household items such as microwaves is nonexistent. A few reviewers say the phone's flat design can make it difficult to cradle between their necks and ears. One reviewer gripes that on the answering machine you have to manually clear messages from both the handset and base -- the two are not synced. Even after you clear a message at the base the handset may still alert you that there's a new message, the customer reports.


Complaints about batteries, handsets dying. While positive reviews of the SL82318 are overwhelming, some reviewers question its durability. There are multiple reports of handsets and batteries dying, and static coming through some phones after time. "The phones worked well for about 1 to 2 years, and then the problems started. Now, out of the 5 handsets we have only two [that] work reliably," one user writes. Another reviewer reports that her handsets began dying one by one after a few months.


Synced data, intercom and an answering machine. Reviewers largely praise the SL82318's features, including an intercom, answering machine, speakerphone and synced data (when you program a number into one phone, it will automatically transfer to all of the handsets). The answering machine offers remote access, date/time stamp and 14 minutes of
message-recording time. Extra handsets cost approximately $50 each. As with all AT&T series, the model number indicates the number of handsets: the SL82218 has two handsets, the identical SL82318 has three, the SL82418 has four, and so on. If you know you want extra handsets, it is generally less expensive to buy them as part of the base unit package.

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AT&T SL82318 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone, Silver/Gray, 3 Handsets

 (490 reviews)
Buy new: $89.95   7 Used from $84.95


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Review Credibility: Excellent The AT&T SL82318 cordless phone/answerer is not included in the latest round of tests from; however, it was rigorously tested along with 45 other cordless phones in a prior report no longer available on the site. The phones were rated based on voice quality, range, ease of use and other criteria. Reports are available by subscription only.

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Review Credibility: Excellent Consumer reviews are very positive for the AT&T SL82318; over 400 reviewers contribute to its overall 4-star rating. Users are very impressed with the phone's overall quality and like its long range. Some customers find the location of the handset volume control inconvenient.

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Review Credibility: Good Five reviews of the AT&T SL82318 are spread across several of its packages (variations with different numbers of handsets) on this site. Users give an average of 4 out of 5 eggs, raving about the phone's extremely long range and the large, lighted numbers on the base station. Complaints include the inability to turn off the ringer at the base station, lack of notification about messages on the handsets and handset volume being too low.

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Review Credibility: Good More than 30 users review the AT&T SL82318 on eBay, giving it an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Owners praise the phone's long range and extended battery life. Users wish it was easier to hold between shoulder and ear, and that it offered the ability to change channels.

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