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Cordless Phone Rating Sources

1. Cordless Phones, Editors of
Credibility: rates more cordless phones than any other expert reviewer, evaluating them on seven criteria, including voice quality, range and ease of use. Each phone also gets its own brief write-up, including pros and cons. Editors recommend cordless phones and give advice on how to choose the right phone for your particular needs. Some cordless phones also earn a Best Buy designation, though not all of those are current models.
2. The Best Cordless Phone, Seamus Bellamy, March 3, 2015
Seamus Bellamy consults expert and user reviews, then personally tests models he considers to be contenders for best overall. He also hands the phones off to a parent to judge how easy a cordless phone is for an average person to use. A top cordless phone emerges, as do four worthy runners up.
3. Cordless Telephones, Contributors to, As of September 2015
There's a staggering assortment of cordless phones available at Of the models rated by owners, most earn an overall rating of between 3 and 4 stars, and many have hundreds of reviews. A few standout models score higher, however. Most new phones have fewer reviews than those that have been on the market longer, and cordless phones often remain listed long after they have been discontinued.
4. Cordless Telephones, Contributors to, As of September 2015
Not all of the cordless telephones listed here receive many reviews, but plenty have been rated by enough users to make the site useful for shoppers looking for owner feedback. Phones are rated on a 5-star scale, and narrative reviews help illustrate each model's strengths and weaknesses.
5. Cordless Phones, Contributors to, As of September 2015
Credibility: sells a good variety of cordless phones, and some of the best-rated phones have accumulated enough reviews for the feedback posted to be meaningful. Reviews here tend to be short, but each one includes a list of pros and cons. Several VTech cordless phones do very well here, as do some phones that carry the AT&T brand.
6. Cordless Phones, Contributors to, As of September 2015
Credibility: also lets users post reviews of cordless phones they own. The site is harder to use than higher-ranked retailer sites because cordless phones are not given an easily accessible category (a search is the quickest way to find them). Hundreds of models are listed here; many fail to generate significant feedback, though some get upwards of 100 user reviews.
7. The Best Cordless Phone, Stewart Wolpin, Dec. 8, 2015
Stewart Wolpin names the Panasonic KX-TGE272S two-handset bundle as "the best premium cordless phone extension system, based on performance, features and price." The article indicates at least some hands-on testing was done, but that's not detailed. Other cordless phones were considered for the honor, but only two other models are named.
8. Home Phones, Contributors to, As of September 2015
Home Shopping Network (HSN) hosts reviews by users of a handful of cordless phones. Most models get only a handful of reviews, but some get dozens and a couple more than a hundred. Reviews of particular models can sometimes be difficult to find, as actual model numbers aren't visible until you drill down into product detail pages. Several cordless phones are listed by editors as "customer picks," but the basis of that selection isn't clear.
9. Cordless Phones, Contributors to, As of September 2015
Credibility: is an online retailer of electronic goods listing dozens of cordless phones and corded/cordless combinations. The user ratings include helpful pros-and-cons lists for each product, but most have less than 10 write-ups and many aren't reviewed at all.
10. Cordless Phones, Contributors to, As of September 2015
Credibility: is an okay site to find owner reviews once you've narrowed down your choices. One advantage is that, since all these phones are actually sold by, you can be assured the phones haven't been discontinued. A major disadvantage is that most cordless phones draw far fewer reviews than at or, and even the most-reviewed models get 25 comments or fewer.