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1. Best Online Dating Sites of 2017, Editors of, Not Dated
The editors of have compiled one of the most thorough guides to online dating sites on the web. They rank 10 mainstream sites, 16 apps, and several adult, ethnic, religious and senior dating sites. Sites and apps are thoroughly reviewed and ranked on a 10-point scale based on scores for value, member quality, ease of use, customer satisfaction and safety.
2. The Best Online Dating Sites, Jeffrey L. Wilson, Feb. 12, 2014
Wilson ranks five mainstream online dating sites on a 5-star scale based on first-hand testing. He details each site's sign-up process, profiles, unique features, communication methods and any premium extras. Reviews also include another editor's personal experiences with each site, including dates resulting from each service.
3. Start Dating More Efficiently With One of These 7 Apps, Rachel Grozanick, July 12, 2016
This roundup of seven popular dating apps focuses on important basics, including the effort it takes to sign up, how to find and communicate with other members, and whether the interface is streamlined or clunky. It is thorough, balanced, and comparative, and appears to be based on real-world testing.
4. Men's Health Choose the Best Dating Site for You, Andrew Blancero, March 31, 2015
This article profiles eight major dating sites. It provides an overview of each, describes the ideal user, fleshes out potential profile questions and gives info on user base and cost. The reviews are balanced, thorough and indicate real-world testing.
5. Online Dating, Editors of, Dec. 14, 2016
Editors of give thorough reviews of eight dating sites' pros and cons. Reviews include input from both a male and female editor. Editors rate sites on a five-heart scale, considering factors such as cost, user base, features and matching method. The site also includes online dating FAQs and tips on recognizing scammers.
6. 10 Best Dating Sites (2017), Editors of, Not Dated
Credibility: ranks nine popular online dating sites on a five-star scale, and also includes rankings for sites focused on seniors, Christians, blacks and same-sex couples. It includes helpful statistics on site popularity, male/female usage and user base. In-depth reviews break down features and pricing as well as pros and cons.
7. Top Online Dating Sites, Bonny Albo, July 31, 2016
Dating guide Bonny Albo reviews eight top dating sites and, in a separate article, eight free dating sites (although three of the websites appear in both articles). There are also many individual reviews of both general and niche dating sites. Though her reviews are mostly descriptive, Albo rates the sites and highlights special features and shortcomings.
8. Five Best Online Dating Sites, Alan Henry, June 22, 2014
LifeHacker's list of the five best online dating sites is based on nominations and feedback from readers. It covers costs, ease of use, member quality, and the pros and cons of each service. Reviews also link to the nomination threads that also contain a wealth of user experiences.
9. 5 Dates in 5 Nights: Our Spies Test Grouper, Tinder & More, Rachel Balik and Robert Leshner, Sept. 22, 2013
Rachel Balik and Robert Leshner chronicle their time using five popular dating apps, from their initial searches to any resulting dates, including how well-suited their matches ended up being. The candid and often humorous reviews give great insight into how these apps work, though it's unwise to make any sweeping generalizations based on two users' experiences.
10. Here's Where to Find Your New Dating App, Tara Block, June 12, 2016
This roundup compares 15 popular dating apps. While the reviews aren't in depth and likely don't involve real-world testing, they are a helpful starting point for anyone overwhelmed by the number of dating apps on the market. 
11. Someone for Everyone: 18 of the Most Unusual and Unique Niche Dating Websites, Krishann Briscoe, Not Dated
This roundup focuses on 18 of the most interesting niche dating sites. The blurbs are short and humorous, but tell readers little practical information on each service beyond who should use it.
12. Best Online Dating Sites, Contributors to, As of January 2017
Credibility: includes users' reviews of 10 mainstream dating sites and apps; there are separate pages for reviews of Asian, Latina, same-sex and senior sites. Reviews rate each site on a 5-star scale. However, like most user reviews of dating sites, many are overwhelmingly negative, with most focusing on problems with scams and subscription renewals.
13. Online Dating Site & App Reviews List, Contributors to, As of January 2017
Credibility: hosts a collection of user reviews on a wide range of dating sites. More popular sites may have more than 100 reviews, while niche sites may only have a couple. Reviews rate each site on a 5-star scale. Again, we see a lot of negativity due to some of the inherent problems in online dating.