Deep Fryers : Ratings of Sources

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Deep Fryers: Ratings of Sources

1. Deep Fryers Reviews, Rebecca Spear, Aug. 5, 2016
This roundup of the top deep fryers of 2016 includes a number of popular models, although the top choice, the Waring Professional, was discontinued very recently. Testing was clearly done, and the deep fryers are rated for performance, convenience, safety and warranty/support, and are ranked against each other.
2. The Best Turkey Fryer, Ganda Suthivarakom, Nov. 2, 2015
Ganda Suthivarakom tests propane stoves, a Bayou stockpot and the Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer in a review of the best methods to fry a turkey. She ultimately says outdoor cooking is best for a perfectly fried, non-greasy turkey.
3. Deep Fryers, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Credibility: sells hundreds of home deep fryers for everyday use and for frying turkeys. Some models accumulate hundreds of owner reviews. We see some of the highest ratings for home fryers than for many other appliances we review, with many earning 4.5 star ratings and higher after hundreds or even thousands of reviews. This is a great resource for learning about how the deep fryers perform in real-world use and over the long term.
4. Deep Fryers, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Of the many deep fryers available here, most are reviewed by at least a few users and a handful of models accumulate well over 100 posts. Hamilton Beach, Presto and Farberware are well-represented and get good overall ratings from customers.
5. Deep Fryers, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Credibility: has a few dozen deep fryers and a several earn an adequate number of reviews. As we've seen at other sites, deep fryers get very good feedback from consumers. Reviewers also can say if they would recommend the deep fryer.
6. Deep Fryers, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Credibility: carries a good selection of deep fryers, in particular, larger, professional-grade fryers. All have at least a few reviews, some have more than two dozen. Reviews tend to be thorough and reviewers can note if they would recommend the product.
7. Deep Fryers, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Credibility: is a good destination to find a variety of deep fryers of all types, but they get less feedback than elsewhere. Turkey fryers tend to get more reviews than smaller home deep fryers.
8. Does This Fryer Talk Turkey?, Editors of, November 2010
Unlike most reviews at, this does not include a variety of products; rather, editors test only the Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer. This article is free to the public, unlike most reviews which are available by subscription only.
9. Mother Nature Network Review of T-Fal Actifry: The low oil 'fryer', Kimi Harris, March 7, 2013
MNN blogger Kimi Harris tests the T-fal ActiFry, which is designed to use less oil while still producing a deep-fried taste. She says her fries were successful but tasted different than regular fries. Still, her family liked the flavor. She calls the fryer easy to use, but wishes it didn't contain so much plastic.
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