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Drysol Antiperspirant

Est. $20 for 60 ml
September 2010
by ConsumerSearch
Drysol Antiperspirant

  • Controls excessive sweating
  • Only need to apply once or twice per week
  • Works on hands, feet and underarms
  • Expensive
  • Irritating
  • Doesn't contain deodorant
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Drysol Antiperspirant is recommended by experts for those diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive sweating. It does come with a price, though. Drysol is available in the United States by prescription only, but is sold without a prescription in Canada (and thus available online to U.S. consumers), and can be quite pricey for an antiperspirant. But users say that one bottle lasts a long time because it doesn't have to be applied every day. One dose of Drysol Antiperspirant can last up to a week, according to manufacturers. Reviewers say that it can be quite irritating, especially for the first few days of use. If you prefer a milder formula that is almost as strong, experts say that Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant/Deodorant Advanced Solid (Est. $8) is an excellent option. Drysol is available in both liquid and roll-on formulas and can be used on underarms, palms and soles.

We didn't find any comparison tests that include Drysol Antiperspirant, but Shape discusses the prescription treatment as a possible solution to hyperhidrosis. User reviews at, though few in number, are enthusiastic in their praise for the product.

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof All-Day Fresh Scent Advanced Solid Antiperspirant & Deodorant 2.6 Oz
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Drysol Dab-On Extra Strong Anti-Perspirant 60ml - Largest Size Available!

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Our Sources

1. Shape

Editors of Shape magazine recommend trying a prescription treatment such as Drysol if you tend to sweat excessively. This article also offers tips to reduce excess sweating.

Review: Easy Ways to Stay Dry, Editors of Shape


Drysol antiperspirant gets a near-perfect overall score from a handful of reviewers at All say that it works to keep armpits dry, even in stressful situations. Several say that it stings and itches in the beginning, but the irritation goes away as your skin adjusts to the medication.

Review: Drysol Dab-On Antiperspirant, Contributors to

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