Dell XPS 27 Touch Review

Updated April 30, 2014
Dell XPS 27 Touch
Bottom Line

If you want a Windows all-in-one computer that performs as well as it looks, the Dell XPS 27 Touch is an easy recommendation. It's not perfect, and it's certainly not cheap, but the design and performance are impossible to fault -- as evidenced by the string of Editors' Choice and Product of the Year awards that it has racked up.


You get what you pay for. The Dell XPS 27 Touch is a premium all-in-one computer that acts the part. Most reviewers look at a mid-tier configuration that's packed with performance. The component lineup of that $2,100 version includes a 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 750M discrete graphics with 2 GB of memory, 8 GB of system memory, a 2 TB hard drive, a 32 GB solid-state drive and more. There's also a higher-than-high-res, 2560-by-1440-pixel, 10-point touch screen, and it's found in even the cheapest configurations. Reviewers say the upgraded XPS 27 Touch is among the best Windows all-in-one computers for gaming. That's not to say that the hardest hard-core gamers will be satisfied, but everyone else should be more than thrilled.

ProsGorgeous design, State-of-the-art components, Terrific touch screenConsPricey, Only so-so for gaming


An iMac clone? No, not really, but the Dell XPS 27 Touch all-in-one computer draws tons of compliments for its design in reviews. PC World names it one of the 50 best tech products of 2013 and calls it the most beautiful all-in-one PC it had seen that year. CNET says that the XPS 27 Touch "is well built, looks great and is just plain fun to use." Dan Ackerman does grouse that the screen angle could be easier to adjust, however. All the ports you are likely to need are built in, including six USB ports and an SD card reader. There's an HDMI output and an HDMI input, so that the gorgeous display could be used as a desktop HD monitor for a video game console or cable TV box. A DVD burner is standard, with a Blu-ray drive available in the highest configurations (Est. $2,600). The bundled wireless keyboard and mouse are adequate to above average, depending on who you ask.

Support & reliability

Middle of the road. Dell generally finishes in the middle of the pack in reliability and customer service in large surveys, such as those conducted by and That's an improvement over some earlier showings, however. The purchase price includes one year of Dell ProSupport service, which includes on-site service after remote diagnosis and 24/7 phone support. Extended warranties are available, but costly.


You get what you pay for. No one says that the Dell XPS 27 Touch is a budget choice. However, all reviewers say that you get a premium all-in-one computer, and a premium computing experience, for its decidedly premium price. writes: "This XPS 27 Touch is as close to a no-compromise offering as we've ever seen in this class of products." We agree.

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The Dell XPS 27 Touch is reviewed in a mid-tier configuration and impresses in most regards. "As a big-screen upscale all-in-one with touch and decent gaming chops, the latest version of Dell's XPS 27 is a great all-around home PC that covers a lot of bases," Dan Ackerman says. It earns an Editors' Choice award.


Dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One (2720), Brian Westover, July 24, 2013 reviews a similar configuration of the Dell XPS Touch and comes to a similar conclusion. Brian Westover calls it the "cream of the crop" among "high-end" all-in-one computers. It earns an Editors' Choice here as well.


Dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One Review, Seth Colaner, Aug. 20, 2013 subjects the Dell XPS 27 Touch to the most rigorous round of testing we've seen and still comes away very impressed. You can find cheaper all-in-one computers, Seth Colaner says, but you won't find a better "no-compromise" one. joins the chorus in awarding the computer an Editors' Choice award.

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The Dell XPS 27 Touch is the top-ranked desktop computer at It wins an Editors' Choice award and elsewhere on the site is named Desktop Computer of the Year (2013). Gamers will need to keep their expectations in check, "But otherwise, it's hard to find fault with what's still the best Windows all-in-one you can buy," Eric Grevstad says.

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No Editors' Choice award here, but PC World still gives the Dell XPS 27 Touch a 4-star rating. "While we have a few minor quibbles with the Dell XPS 27 Touch's design, we think this is the best all-in-one on the market today," says Sarah Jacobsson Purewal. Elsewhere on the site, PC World puts the all-in-one computer on its list of the best 50 tech products of 2013.


Dell XPS 27 Touch Review, Matt Safford, Aug. 23, 2013

Score another Editors' Choice award here. "With fresh components, a touch layer and a much-improved stand, Dell's XPS 27 is the best Windows-based AiO we've seen," says Matt Safford. He adds that while he won't try to convert Apple die-hards, for others Dell's all-in-one is "arguably a better value."


XPS 27 Touch All-in-One Desktop, Contributors to, As of April 2014

Dell's site is the best place to see user reviews of the Dell XPS 27 Touch, but there are not a ton of them even there -- just around 40 overall. Feedback is mixed. Though most seem satisfied, there are a number of other users who are not. Issues are varied, but complaints about touch-screen failures seem most prevalent.