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Bushnell 10x25 ImageView VGA 11-1025

*Est. $50
Reviewed by ConsumerSearch
Bushnell 10x25 ImageView VGA 11-1025

  • Price
  • Fun toy
  • 10X magnification
  • Binoculars focus as close as 10 feet
  • Low resolution photos
  • Monochrome LCD
  • Software bug
  • No instant replay
  • Camera focuses only at 30 feet or more
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Reviews say you shouldn't expect much from these budget-priced Bushnell ImageView camera binoculars when it comes to image quality. Most reviews say the 640x480-pixel photos aren't good enough for much except posting on the web or e-mailing. The ImageView digital binoculars do take short video clips, but there's no instant-replay feature, and only 8 MB of internal storage. The camera part focuses only as close as 30 feet. Even so, these compact, lightweight camera binoculars don't cost much, and many reviewers say they are fun gadgets.

We found the best reviews of the Bushnell 10x25 ImageView VGA 11-1025 camera binoculars at Epinions , where 18 owners review and rate it based on their own experiences with this model. Bushnell provides accurate specifications but no reviews or ratings. The Wall Street Journal, which provides the best comparison review of camera binoculars, gives two Bushnell camera binoculars top ranking -- but both are more expensive models. Tests at Forbes and The Wall Street Journal cover Bushnell camera binoculars but don't specify the model.

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Bushnell ImageView 11-1025C - Binoculars with digital camera 10 x 25 - roof

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Our Sources


About 18 owners review the Bushnell 10x25 ImageView 11-1025 camera binoculars here, giving it a very low average rating of only 1.5 stars out of a possible five – with only four giving it more than the lowest possible rating. Many of the complaints are due to a software bug, but many owners expected better photo quality.

Review: Bushnell ImageView 11-1025 Binocular, Contributors to

2. The Wall Street Journal

Technology expert Walter Mossberg tests Bushnell, Pentax and Meade camera binoculars for picture quality and ease of use – concluding that "all did a passable job" though pictures aren't as good as those from a decent digital camera. Two Bushnell models are rated best, but they're more expensive models than the Bushnell 10x25 11-1025.

Review: New Tool for Birders: Camera Binoculars, Walter S. Mossberg, July 16, 2003

3. Forbes

This review of the Bushnell Instant Replay digital camera binoculars mentions field testing but the author isn't identified. Editors report that even without using the manual, "we were up and filming in ten minutes." The review focuses on features rather than on the quality of the digital images. It isn't clear which Bushnell Instant Replay model is tested – but it was probably a better model than the 11-1025.

Review: Instant Replay, Editors of Forbes, Apr. 2005

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