Reviews suggest looking for the following features in selecting camera binoculars:

  • Check to make sure the binoculars fit your eyes. The same model of camera binoculars will provide comfortable viewing for one person but be difficult for another person to see through. It depends on the spacing of the viewpieces and the eye relief provided. If you can't try a pair in person before you buy, check this first as soon as you receive them. Note that most digital camera binoculars do not have adjustable viewpieces.
  • Look for an "instant replay" feature. Reviews say this is the biggest advantage of a camera binocular, allowing you to save the previous few seconds of footage after hitting the record button.
  • A card slot is important for expanding memory, especially if you intend to take video clips. As when buying any other digital camera, remember to budget for at least one memory card when you select the camera binoculars.
  • A tripod adapter is helpful for long viewing sessions. Camera shake is a problem with camera binoculars -- the camera tends to record the shakiness of your hands. Using a tripod can help combat blurriness caused by camera shake.
  • Check the magnification and closest focus offered by the camera. In camera binoculars, the camera specifications are usually distinct from the magnification and closest focus of the binoculars.
  • Optical zoom is better than digital zoom. Digital zoom degrades image quality.
  • BAK-4 prism glass is better than BAK-7 glass.
  • Fully multicoated lenses are better than multicoated lenses, which in turn are better than fully coated lenses.

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